America's left and right are splitting into parallel universes

That America let the Democrats hard-party in the house with Ferris Bueller abandon as long as they have is unfortunate, but more Americans are coming home and are not happy.  Their trust has been repaid with their country in shambles. 

Democrats live in an alternate universe, and everyday, it is becoming more obvious that America is not experiencing a partisan divide.  It is not polarized.  America is evolving into two distinct parallel universes.  As the universes drift apart, Americans are choosing which mass to cling to.  Recent headlines evidence this. 

According to an Axios-Ipsos poll, 82% of Democrats would be willing to wear masks inside.

"A majority of Americans are willing to wear masks indoors in public at all times in response to Omicron.  But naturally, that hides huge partisan differences: 82% of Democrats are willing to do so, but just 38% of Republicans are."

It is telling that Axios describes the "difference" as "hugely partisan."  Are Democrats following their science or their partisanship, and is there a difference?  When most of one of America's two major political parties chooses full-time indoor masks, that's a parallel universe.

As we pivot from pseudo-science to pseudo-history, we see an increasingly cemented alternate version of Western and American history via the 1619 Project.  The wildly inaccurate retelling of history will be tolerated, and half the country is never going to totally buy in to it.  It will thus exist as a parallel universe.

Consider what's happening with Big Tech.  Twitter's new CEO announced increased censorship of non-woke viewpoints on its platform, and now Texas's governor, Greg Abbot, announces that Samsung will be building its new chip plant in Austin.  First it was Tesla and then Larry Ellison and Oracle.  Silicon Valley now seriously faces a highly competitive parallel universe in the Lone Star State. 

According to Business Insider, the parallel economy that relies on the still plentiful American-made sources is thriving while the woke-corporate outsourcing economy is being strangled by the Chinese supply chain disruption.  Even Janet Yellen is now admitting that nationalist economic policies are necessary. 

The universes of fossil fuels and green energy were recently reaffirmed as definitely parallel when red states threatened banks with pulling their money out if the banks financially blacklisted the coal, gas, and petroleum industries — or decarbonized as John Kerry would say.

As reported in AT, the parallel universes of MSM and alt-media are about to get redefined as media billionaire John Malone purchases CNN.

Secession has been bandied about over the last year, but how that would come about seemed more beer or cocktail party grabbing at straws.  The left's wholesale deplatforming appears to have had unexpected consequences in the formation of viable parallel neo-platforming.  What we are witnessing is a non-coordinated response to the ravenous inclinations of the left's alternate universe.  With the creation of multi-sector parallel universes, America is forging a de facto two-state solution.  My additional hope is that the left's ravenous nature will lead to a wholesale eating of its own.

Spruce Fontaine is an artist and retired college art instructor.

Image: MasterTux via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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