Wyoming's GOP no longer considers Liz Cheney a Republican

An AP story, called to my attention by TheBlaze, November 15, reported that the Republican Party of Wyoming, on November 13, by A vote of 31-29, withdrew recognition of its lone congressperson, Liz Cheney, as a Republican.  Cheney's spokesman, Jeremy Adler, was quoted in the AP story as saying part of the leadership of the Wyoming have "allowed themselves to be held hostage to the lies of a dangerous and irrational man."  Mr. Adler's derisive remark, to use the cliché, adds fuel to the fire; Ms. Cheney's attacks on former President Trump, including her impeachment votes to force him out of office (after he no longer held office), led, first, to censure for her vote to impeach by the Wyoming GOP.  Now, given her apparently enthusiastic participation in the anti-Republican January 6 Pelosi Select Committee, Cheney is no longer considered a Republican by the leaders of the GOP in her home state.

Previously, as noted in The Hill and on other websites, Ms. Cheney was outspoken in her criticism of Mr. Trump, but not in the terms of a zealot that mark her denunciations of Mr. Trump since November 2020.  Indeed, the article in The Hill suggests that her past criticism of the former president was aimed to put some distance between them, in case he lost his re-election bid, for further advancement in the House leadership.  (True, before November 2020, she was one of those asserting that President Trump was unaware of Russian bounties to the Taliban for killed U.S. soldiers.  How can anyone be aware of anything that did not happen?  The claim of bounties for dead Americans was a leftist lie — what the media, in an anti-Trump context, would reflexively call "a false claim.")

Interestingly, a derisive term New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd hurled at the former vice president, Cheney's father (and source of her political ambitions to date), may be suited for Liz Cheney more than for Dick Cheney.  In her Times op-ed, January 21, 2006, "Googling Past the Graveyard," Dowd referred to the father as "Torquemada Cheney."  This was not a compliment.  Tomás de Torquemada was Spain's first Grand Inquisitor.  He was a major advocate of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492 and employed torture in extracting confessions of heresy, dooming those he found "guilty" to the auto-da-fé.  His name has become synonymous with religious intolerance and fanaticism.

Where Maureen Dowd committed polemical excess in labeling the former vice president "Torquemada Cheney," there is, however, reason to apply the term to his congresswoman daughter.  Liz Cheney has placed herself in the service of a political party using its investigative powers (for what legislative purpose?) to root out political heresy in the U.S.  Dowd,

in her column, attacked Dick Cheney for trying to establish a police state in America.  A police state seems more the aim of the woke-ist Democrat party today, and Liz Cheney looks like a party of the campaign to transform the U.S. likewise.  In case this assertion is to be scoffed at, dismissed, just ask Project Veritas's head, James O'Keefe, how he feels after Attorney General Garland sent the FBI (willing foils for the Russiagate scandal) to raid his home.  Where Nancy Pelosi seems to relish playing the part of Grand Inquisitor, as gleeful member of the Pelosi Panel to Root Out Republican Remonstrances, Cheney certainly qualifies as assistant inquisitor.

The focus now should be directed at the House GOP leadership.  Given that the Republican Party of Wyoming no longer considers Liz Cheney a Republican, will the House GOP leadership stay silent as Cheney joins the inquisition of Republicans, starting first with the indictment of Steve Bannon (for what? supporting Donald Trump?)?

A majority of the leadership of the Wyoming State Republican Party did the right thing in determining that Liz Cheney is no longer a Republican (NLAR).  Cheney's service on behalf of the totalitarian-minded January 6 House Select Committee is antithetical to the liberty-honoring principles of the GOP.  This panel is opposed to the legacy of liberty bequeathed us by the Founders.  Its subpoenas should be deemed null and void from the outset.  Where is the House GOP leadership?

Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, and Elise Stefanik must take a stand against both the Pelosi panel and Liz Cheney and transform all RINOs into NLARs.  One more suggestion: The House GOP Conference must submit a letter to Attorney General Garland demanding that he withdraw the indictment of Steve Bannon — and demand that Grand Inquisitor Pelosi put an immediate stop to her heresy panel that targets Republicans.

Image: NBC News via YouTube.

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