Will leftist thugs neuter the incoming mayor of New York?

When NYC mayor-elect Eric Adams ran for the job, his platform promised to significantly reduce crime and bring the Big Apple back to its better days — that is, the days before a left-wing nut named de Blasio got elected, presumably, if actions demonstrate intent, to destroy the residents, the businesses, and the tourist industry.  I don't know if there's any logical thought still remaining in the minds of New Yorkers, but if there is, even the lowest-I.Q. individual would agree that de Blasio couldn't have done more damage if he had run a giant bulldozer from Battery Park to Harlem, crushing everything in his path.  How that nihilist was able to win two terms is an indictment of the vacuous voters in that rapidly deteriorating burg.

Adams, a former police captain with the NYPD, wasted no time in declaring that as soon as he took office, he would quickly overturn dopey de Blasio's disbanding of Anti-Crime, the most productive crime deterrence unit in the history of Gotham City.  I guess it was expected that hizzoner-elect would be hated by those who live off the misery of their own race by objecting to anything that might put the bad guys in the hoosegow.  As soon as Adams's declaration became public, a thuggish "leader" of Black Thugs Matter made a counter-declaration.

Some wannabe Marxist, named Hawk Newsome, hurried to the microphone and threatened riots and bloodshed if Adams followed through with his campaign vow to reinstate the prolific plainclothes unit.  To his credit, Adams responded quickly to the petty rabble-rouser, saying such comments further endanger the lives of blacks — "because you know where that blood ends up?  In the streets of our community.  And we have to be honest about that."  He's correct!  But expecting honesty from a lowlife like Newsome is like expecting virtue from a child molester!  In fact, during a saner time in our history, a cretin like Newsome would be arrested for inciting to riot.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was recruited into Anti-Crime soon after its inception in 1971.  Also known as the Street Crime Unit, Anti-Crime consisted of a small percentage of very active cops from each precinct who would be mainly tasked with arresting armed felons, taking them off the streets of the city.  Wearing regular street clothes and driving unmarked cars gave us an advantage over the uniformed cops, who drove blue and white sedans with the bubblegum machines on top, which could be easily spotted by the jackals lying in wait for their unwary victims.

For nine years I worked in a unit of twelve plainclothes cops, three cars working days, and three working nights.  We worked in pairs, and, in addition to investigating past crimes, we responded to active calls of "felony in progress."  Most of the time, we were first on the scene, because marked units were often tied up with calls for domestic disturbances (AKA family disputes), vehicular accidents, report preparation of past incidents, etc.  Yet we were always grateful for backup by those units when we ran into situations that required more boots on the ground or help in blocking streets when we got involved in vehicle pursuits.

Moreover, there's no sweeter sound than a siren wailing in the distance when you're struggling with a guy carrying a weapon who has made it clear that he's not going easily.  Not only did our unit take tons of guns off the street, along with the hard-asses carrying and using them, but we also removed a truckload of knives, chains, machetes, blackjacks, and an assortment of other bludgeons used in homicides, rapes, and robberies.  Our unit was about 5% of the manpower in the precinct, yet we made the majority of felony collars each month.  The amount of crime prevention is inestimable, but one thing was assured: there was a dramatic decrease in crime in areas with Anti-Crime units.

It's truly sad that so many innocent residents lost their lives, their homes, and their businesses during the insane de Blasio regime.  Those who have survived the most incompetent nerd in the city's history can only hope that Adams will come to their rescue with some proven commonsense methods of saving lives, instead of wasting taxpayer's money on ludicrous roadway graffiti that glorifies thugs and other assorted menaces to society!

Image: Krystalb97 via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0 (cropped).

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