Why we must boycott the Olympics in China

Back in 1936, the Olympic games were held in Hitler-led, fascist, Nazi Germany.  In Berlin, to be specific.  For years afterward, the world shook its head in wonder at how the International Olympic Committee (IOC) could ever have been so out of touch with reality that it honored a dictatorial, despotic nation.

Now they've done it again.  The Communist Party of China (CCP) is scheduled to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.  Stupid knows no limits.

Before we go into the decades of China's human rights violations and utter disregard for international laws, the latest outrage from this totalitarian state is the disappearance of a three-time Chinese female Olympian tennis star, Peng Shuai, after she accused a former vice-premier of sexual assault.  She's obviously paying the price for outing a commie biggie and is either dead or tucked away for life in some rancid prison.

The gullible IOC has been coerced by China to turn a blind eye to this evil-doing.  Its wimpy statement: "We have seen the latest reports and are encouraged by assurances that she is safe."  Why not have her released and in truly safe hands?  Evidently, the real Olympic sport is to do the bidding of and to be an apologist for the CCP.

The IOC, to justify its closed eyes to China's aggression, claims that it is merely a sports body and not political at all.  If so, how come the enemy of China, Taiwan, is forced to participate in the Olympics under the name "Chinese Taipei," with no flag or national anthem ever displayed or played at medal awards ceremonies?  Way back in 1964, apartheid South Africa was banned, as was Afghanistan in 2000 for its discrimination against women.  If then, why not now?

Image: Beijing Olympic logo, edited by Andrea Widburg

We must all call for a total boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which should include keeping our own athletes home (rather than just our diplomats) and, perhaps, hosting our own national Olympics in its place.  Our reasons for the unprecedented move to compete in this manner is, finally, to put China in its place.  We must let the world know we will no longer stand by and appease a dictatorial, fascist, planet-gobbling nation that threatens us all.

Look how it abuses its own citizens, the Muslim Uighurs, by placing them in concentration camps.  All evidence points to the great possibility that China's military bio-weapons laboratory in Wuhan developed the killer virus COVID-19.  The CCP has stonewalled all investigations into the source of the worldwide pandemic that already has claimed nearly 6 million lives.

The Chinese took over Hong Kong, breaking its agreement with the U.K. to permit that city to govern itself for 50 years.  China has created islands in the South China Sea to use as military, aircraft, and rocket-launching bases that threaten the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and us.  Is the CCP a true member of freedom-loving nations?

We cast shame on the IOC and all its member nations, including our own, for turning heads away from, to ignoring (and even accepting) its decision in 1936 to allow the host nation to be one engaged in horrific acts of totalitarianism, terror, and overt fascism.  We must stay away from the 2022 Winter Olympics to demonstrate to the world that we stand for human rights, decency, and democracy.  We must not condone the Chinese government's actions by playing the Olympic games on their play board and by their rules.  We played "dumb" in '36, but we're much "dumber" now if we go to Beijing.

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