Why Durham's latest indictment paints the FBI as a victim of Democrat operatives

Writing for Bloomberg, Eli Lake sees a shift in perspective about the FBI's role in the Russiagate hoax:

It's been clear for nearly two years that Steele's dossier was garbage. This is mainly thanks to the work of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who released a report in 2019 skewering the FBI for its use of the dossier in its warrant applications, concluding that the bureau could not confirm any of its original reporting. The main takeaway from the Horowitz investigation was that the FBI cut corners and gamed the surveillance court.

Durham's investigation has taken a different approach. His last two indictments suggest that the FBI was not a villain but a victim, conned by Democratic operatives to pursue bogus investigations into the Trump campaign.

But the FBI was not a victim, but a participant.  That is clearly shown by the DOJ's inspector general's report.  They became active participants in pursuing Trump despite knowing the dossier and the Alfa Bank Materials were nonsense.  In fact, they used the dossier to get their FISA warrants.  The FBI let the public believe that there was substance to the dossier and the Alfa Bank allegations.

The only reason that Durham portrays the FBI as misled is to state a cause of action against the liars: defrauding the federal government, causing resources to be expended based on a fraud.  

It's similar to the Justice Department case against the shoe company executives who paid off basketball players recruited to the University of Kansas.  Bill Self and the university were portrayed as being deprived of honest services.  Poor innocent Bill Self.  Get real.

Photo credit: U.S. DOJ.

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