White House messaging chaos inadvertently reveals the sinister intentions of Biden's puppet masters

With Democrats quaking in their boots over the plunging public support for Joe Biden and the political party that sold him as a moderate and as physically and mentally capable of doing the job, the White House messaging team and their media supporters face an enormous challenge.  And they are bungling it as badly as the rest of the administration is bungling economic policy, diplomacy, and national security.  The gist of the messaging lately is:

  1. Things are really going well; don't believe your lying eyes or empty pocketbook
  2. It's your fault.
  3. All this suffering is in a good cause, forcing you to go along with green new deal policies. You're going to learn to like having less stuff.

First point: White House chief of staff Ron Klain, claimed by some to be the de facto real president, actually went gaslighting on CNN yesterday claiming that things are better now than a year ago.

"Well, look, I do think, as I said Jake, things are a lot better in this country than they were a year ago, with regard to COVID, with regard to the economy, but we have a lot of work left to do," Klain stated.  "And I think voters are in show me don't tell me mode, I don't think they really care as much about what I'm saying on TV, or what you're saying on TV as much as putting results into their lives."

Those polls just somehow managed to find a few isolated malcontents who don't perceive the sheer wonderfulness of empty shelves and raging inflation.

Second point: If you're not willing to admit how wonderful things are, well, look in the mirror, buster.  It's your own fault.  The "root cause" of empty shelves is online buying:

"What's your message to Americans who are still so worried about their Christmas gifts on time, [and] Halloween?" a reporter asked Psaki at the daily White House press briefing. "Is this going to be happening at a fast enough pace?"

The White House's message, Psaki replied, was that Americans were spending too much.

"Well, I think our message is that, one, what's happening right now… is that so many people across the country are purchasing more goods online," Psaki replied. "Maybe some of it is from habits that developed during the pandemic when people weren't leaving their homes."

"Some of it is because we've seen an economic recovery that has been underway for the last nine months," she added. "That is leading to a massive increase in volume. That's what's happening at ports. But what we would tell people is we are addressing and attacking the supply chain issues, even with the increased volume, which is the root cause here."

You should also stop complaining because you can afford the higher prices:

You should also stop complaining because you can afford the higher prices:

Third point: Here's where they're starting to say the quiet part out loud.  Psaki actually admitted that high gasoline prices are going to help force you into electric cars.

Of course, there is no consideration given to how expensive electricity is going to be when the coal industry is forced out of business, into bankruptcy:

I never thought I would live to see the day when an appointee to high office in the Treasury Department would celebrate people going bankrupt.  But hey, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, eh, comrade?

I am guessing Joe Manchin is not going to vote to confirm her.

But you little people are going to soon appreciate the wisdom of the social engineers causing inflation, $100 gas tank refills, and widespread bankruptcies.  You'll just live like those sophisticated Europeans.  Why, it'll be like a free trip to Paris without the jetlag:

None of this means that private jets will be grounded.  After all, there are more climate conferences ahead, and who wants to fly commercial?

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab (cropped).

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