White House 'forgets' to announce Kamala Harris at infrastructure bill signing ceremony

Has Kamala Harris grown so irrelevant the White House doesn't even notice her anymore?

Sure seems like it, based on this White House ceremonial blooper:

The occasion was the vaunted signing ceremony for Joe Biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, hailed by the press as a "much needed win," "fulfilling campaign promise," and a "significant political victory." amid grand comparisons to FDR's New Deal. Joe "finally gets the 'big effing deal'" crowed Politico.

Kamala herself campaigned for the porky measure, in one of the very few things she's done beyond posing for Vogue photo shoots, shopping in Paris, and put up selfies in Instagram. She made a few speeches promoting the bill at least, often during the worst border surges. 

But well, the White House kind of ... forgot about those 'contributions.' Maybe they didn't consider them all that privotal to passage. Maybe they just forgot.

That's the unmistakeable suggestion based on the blooper that, following the playing of "Hail to the Chief" had the announcer announce 'Please welcome Heather Kurtenbach' whoever that is, and 'forgot' to announce Kamala Harris on the speaker lineup, even as she was standing there on the podium ready to give one of her trademark banal babbly speeches. Harris, instead of stepping aside, piped up "in a minute" before jumping in to make her speech, making that speech look as though it wasn't supposed to be there and she was just pathetically jumping in and putting it there anyway because her ego called for it.

The blooper came at a bad time for Harris, too. Edward-Isaac Dovere, writing at CNN, noted that Harris was being sidelined at the White House, based on her failure to do her job, her stupid statements in the press, her staff chaos, and her continued rivalry with Jill Biden, who can't stand her.

Apparently it was so bad that Harris's team started leaking that the Bidenites were racists for doing this and tin response, White House spokesweasel Jen Psaki put out a stroking, flattering, and very fake statement on Sunday night calling Harris a "bold leader" and other claptrap intended to soothe Harris's ruffled feathers. They can't afford Harris calling them 'racist' it seems, not with Joe's poll numbers falling and black voters already moving toward the Republicans.

Now the Bidenites don't even seem to want Harris, who actually did try to help get that pork measure passed, to share in that Bidenite "victory."

It's pathetic stuff actually, to see Harris trying to have her moment in the sun, try to claim victory alongside Joe, and being written right out of the script. For Harris, with her ambition, entitlement mentality and desire for the approval of older men, it must be amazingly galling.

So much for Vogue's claim, early in the Biden presidency, that Harris as vice president was now the "most powerful woman in the world." 

Now that she has to clamor to get in a word edgewise on Biden's signature legislative victory, it's pretty obvious she's a useful token who's outlived her usefulness and someone the Bidenites would like to sideline before she starts plotting against senile Joe with the 25th Amendment. That's what happens when someone gets hired as a token to check some boxes instead of actually chosen by merit.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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