'Whatever the left accuses you of is exactly what they are doing'

"Whatever the left accuses you of is exactly what they are doing."

Tucker Carlson

Beyond the current, attention-grabbing race hoax brought to us by leftist Democrats in Virginia, Tucker's maxim couldn't ring more true than in Brevard County, Florida regarding the leftist Democrats on the Brevard Public Schools (BPS) School Board.  This goes particularly for board member Jennifer Jenkins.

Given her recent spate of high-profile appearances, leftist Democrats are clearly priming Jenkins for higher office.  But she's also curiously mirroring the Biden administration by accusing parents of students in BPS of "terrorizing" her, although it seems to me that Jenkins is terrorizing parents and students in BPS.  The gaslighting hypocrisy is even more grotesque given that Jenkins's own campaign manager is on record refusing to condemn political violence.  We'll get to that shortly.

As for terrorizing, this past August, BPS (led by Jenkins) instituted a mask mandate for all students.  The mandate violated the Florida state law known as the "Parents Bill of Rights," which protects parents' right to choose what's best for their children, including the right to opt-out of masking.  Jenkins, along with two other board members, chose to break the law by voting against the opt-out.  The Florida Department of Education sanctioned the oft-controversial BPS.

But two weeks ago, BPS abruptly terminated the mask mandate on the heels of the revelation about BPS's horrific forced masking of Sofia Steel, a seven-year-old special needs student with Down syndrome.

Sofia is non-verbal and has an enlarged tongue and sensory issues.  BPS forced a mask on Sofia for six weeks without Sofia's parents' knowledge.  Her parents found out only when Sofia came home from school with her saliva-saturated mask tied to her head with nylon rope.

Furious, Sofia's father called the school and Jenkins.  He claimed that Jenkins failed to return his calls.

Jenkins, the lightning rod for controversy that she is, essentially called Sofia's father a liar, claiming she never received his messages.

Jenkins also claimed that BPS's new mask opt-out is due to dropping COVID cases.  She attributed this to mask mandates, although there is zero scientific data to back her claim.

Like the vast majority of leftist Democrats, Jenkins's words and actions deny the science on masks.  Dozens upon dozens of scientific studies overwhelmingly indicate that masks are ineffective at best and harmful to health and child development at worst.  Even the grossly politicized CDC has admitted that the "CDC is not aware of any randomized control trials that show that masks or double masks or cloth face coverings are effective against COVID-19."

It's also important to note that billons of discarded masks continue to clog the earth's oceans.  Clearly, mask-hypocrite Jenkins cares more about political grandstanding than the severe environmental impact of discarded masks.

But the terrorizing doesn't stop with masks.  BPS has also forced the destructive, racist political ideology known as Critical Race Theory (CRT) into the school system.

Then there's BPS's introduction of transgender activism in the form of its LGBT Guidelines, which represent an assault on girls' and parents' rights by, for example, allowing boys access to girls' bathrooms and locker rooms, and allowing boys to compete against girls on girls' sports teams.

There's also the issue of school choice, which Jenkins and leftist Democrats are against.  School choice allows disadvantaged and minority children to opt out of dangerous, failing schools, granting them an opportunity for a brighter future.  It's curious that leftists are anti–school choice, given the historical correlation between racism and being anti–school choice.

This brings us to Jenkins's campaign manager.  While Jenkins plays the victim, slandering others as "terrorists," Jenkins's own campaign manager, Pamela Gard Castellana, the chair of the Brevard Democrat Executive Committee, has publicly refused to condemn political violence.

In a Facebook post last March, Castellana, who advocates a Marxist view of public education, was asked by supporters of the conservative, pro-parental rights organization Moms For Liberty to join them in condemning conflict at a BPS School Board meeting, as well as political violence in general.

Castellana replied, "No I will not" before clarifying, "I neither condemn nor condone political violence."

This is revelatory, especially given the alarming fact that leftist Democrats have a long history of paying people to incite violence at political rallies.  For example, Democrat operatives themselves have admitted that Hillary Clinton personally directed the incitement of violence at Trump rallies.

Therefore, beyond Jenkins's and BPS's destructive and illegal policies, which already effectively terrorize students and families in Brevard County, it's not a stretch to question whether the growing conflict at BPS School Board meetings — and at school board meetings across the entire U.S. — traces directly back to leftist Democrats.

After all, when has Tucker's maxim — "Whatever the left accuses you of is exactly what they are doing" — not been true?

Image: Jennifer Jenkins, mask advocate.  YouTube screen grab.

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