Waukesha: The media whitewash anti-white hate

Anyone expecting to find extensive news coverage of the Darrell E. Brooks mass murders at the Waukesha Christmas parade can save his time.  It's not there.  The mainstream media are doing what they do best when the perpetrator is black and the victims are white.  They don't report on it.

It's been one week since Darrell E. Brooks murdered six people and injured 48 others, and the search results don't lie.  As of this writing, a Google news search using the term "Darrell E. Brooks" returned 1,160 results.  The term "Kyle Rittenhouse" returned 155,000 results.

The media are burying the Darrell E. Brooks massacre of innocent people.  But when an innocent man with a gun defends himself against his attackers, that's a big story.

Whatever headlines did show up for the first few days often stated that this was a "crash."  On day one after the murders, the headline in the New York Daily News read: "Driver Darrell Brooks facing 5 counts of first-degree homicide for Wisconsin parade crash." 

The most recent New York Times story I could find about the Waukesha mass murder was on November 25, on p. A16.  It was all about bail reform, which seems to concern the Times editors more than the man responsible for the carnage.

On Thanksgiving Day, an Insider piece about Darrell E. Brooks's ex-girlfriend was republished, not on the Yahoo! news page, where it should appear, but on the Yahoo! entertainment page.

Liberals always demand more restrictions on firearms and insist that people don't kill people, but guns do.  However, we just learned that when an individual with murderous intentions gets behind the wheel of an SUV, he can use it as a weapon and kill just as many innocent people as someone wielding a firearm.  An accelerator can be an AK-47.

It's time for the media to assign blame to the killers rather than the weapons they use to commit deadly crimes.  It is no coincidence that Brooks slammed his SUV into innocent people two days after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.  Brooks is a violent felon with ties to Black Lives Matter.  He hates the police and President Trump.  The video of the rampage clearly shows that Brooks was speeding and drove his SUV directly into the crowd.  He was out for blood.

This horrific slaughter could have easily been prevented if judges had kept Darrell E. Brooks in prison.  It could have been prevented if the media had stopped their relentless pursuit of Kyle Rittenhouse by labeling him as a white supremacist, which was a vicious lie that hopefully they will pay for in massive lawsuits.

There has been a surge in violent crime in major cities mostly run by Democrats, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, and Austin.  No surprise.  Democrats favor prison reform and restrictions on what police can and cannot do to stop violent crime.

Some of the deadliest mass murders in U.S. history were committed without guns and two of the worst were by arson.  The Happy Land Social Club fire killed 87 people and was the largest mass murder in U.S. history.  The often overlooked 1973 arson mass murder at the UpStairs Lounge in New Orleans killed 32 people.  And the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history did not involve guns.

Every year, people are killed in mass murders by axes, knives, bombs, and even SUVs and trucks.  This is not meant to diminish the horrible death toll that comes from mass shootings by deranged people.  However, it is important to keep some perspective.  In the case of Darrell E. Brooks, he is a violent man who should have remained locked up in jail.  It was liberal bail laws and not bullets that caused the Waukesha massacre.  If someone wants to kill, he will find a way to do it, whether he owns firearms or not.

In 1999, Bonnie Chernin started the pro-life website Jews For Life and launched the Jewish Life League in 2017.  She serves on the Board of Directors of the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation.

Image: Jimmy Emerson, DVM.

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