Virginia, it's time for you to step up

I have a request for my Virginia neighbors.  Please, please vote for conservatives, and do it in ways that cannot be stolen.

There are three races in Virginia, and all are important.  Yes, there is the governor's race, and that one is the hardest.  Virginia is a blue state by the slimmest of margins.  A few counties counting questionable ballots can push McAuliffe over the top in a close race.  This is what the Democrats did nationally in 2020 and appears to be the fall-back plan in Virginia.

There are three ways to defeat this — and it's too late to clean the voter rolls.  All that is left is vigilance at the polls and overwhelming turnout.  In strongly Democrat areas, it will be a battle to get inside the process and keep things honest.  That's why the best bet is overwhelming turnout.

It is the same as always.  Vote.  This is particularly important in the western hills and rural counties.  These areas need to vote in much greater numbers than are needed for local races.  Otherwise, if you're in one of those regions, the blue counties surrounding Washington will choose your governor for you.

The lt. governor race is also important.  The Republican candidate is Winsome Sears.  She is a Black female military veteran with a strong conservative platform and has a good chance of winning.  While not as big as the top of the ticket, if she wins, even as the Democrats manage to get McAuliffe in office by any means, she becomes an impediment and the instant frontrunner for 2025, when McAuliffe cannot run again.

Maybe bigger than both of these is the Virginia Legislature.  Just as the United States Congress has, the Virginia Legislature has pushed through radical legislation on thin majorities.  If the Legislature is flipped — a good possibility — even if McAuliffe wins, he gets political handcuffs.  It is an order of magnitude more difficult to cheat in multiple legislative districts than it is to cheat statewide.

Flipping the Legislature would be great.  Adding the lieutenant governor would be better.  The Trifecta is hard but also doable.  I put the margin of fraud for this one near 10% and maybe more.  Those rural counties that had their legislative seats stolen while they were not looking need to step up.  While there, mark the right boxes at the top of the ticket.

Over here in Kentucky, on the other side of your western mountains, we made the mistake of letting a Democrat win governor while every other state office is held by Republicans and the Legislature is strongly Republican.  Since then, we have been handcuffed by the decisions from the governor's office.

Our Legislature finally stopped his executive mandates that were making us like California, but it took too long.  We are now behind most of the states that border us in coming back from the lockdowns, but we are coming back.  Just this week, my county rejected the mask mandates in schools.  This is just one of many former gubernatorial mandates inflicted during COVID that the Legislature has given to local boards to decide.

I am betting on the sweep.  If it happens, both our states win.

Image: Terry McAuliffe (edited in befunky).  YouTube screen grab.

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