University of California system permanently abandons standardized testing for admissions

Too many of the "wrong" people are gaining admission to the University of California's nine campuses.  The racial bean-counters are therefore altering the process by which applicants are judged.  The nation's premier public university system is not going to base its admissions process on standardized testing of any sort.  "Test-free admissions" is to be the rule:

For the foreseeable future, standardized testing will not be a part of freshman admissions for the University of California.

That became clear Thursday during a meeting of the university's board of regents, as top administrators essentially shut the door on the possibility of the university finding a new standardized test to replace the SAT and ACT, which are no longer part of the admissions process.

Earlier this year, UC President Michael Drake asked the university's Academic Senate to consider whether to allow students to submit their 11th grade Smarter Balanced exams, the state's annual standardized tests, for admissions consideration. But the Senate has rejected that proposal, a decision that was endorsed by Drake's office.

"UC will continue to practice test-free admissions now and into the future," Provost Michael Brown said during Thursday's meeting.

U.C. president Michael Drake.

The decision this week reaffirms a controversial decision earlier:

The university system, which has nine undergraduate campuses, committed last year to stop using the SAT and ACT, tests that critics have said are biased against low-income students, disabled students and Black and Latino students. That decision came despite a faculty report that urged the university to retain the tests in admissions. The university also reached a court settlement this year that prevents UC from using those exams at any point in the future, even on an optional basis.

The latest trick among progressives is to enter into lawsuit "settlements" that accomplish the goal they wanted all along, in the guise of ending a lawsuit brought by a body that shares their same goal.

Admission will now rely on grades, student essays, and teacher recommendations.  All of these factors seem much more vulnerable to bad actors and manipulation.  The end of testing is brought to you by progressives, who are convinced that standardized tests help maintain white supremacy.

In 2019, more than 40% of new freshmen at U.C. Berkeley were of Asian descent.  One wonders how the SAT can be white supremacist if Asian students are so good at it.  People are supportive of getting rid of the SAT not despite, but in part because of this.

It's racism, a thumb on the scale to racially engineer a student body that pleases the reigning political faction in California.  Too many Asians, not enough Blacks and Hispanics, with tests that objectively compare students' level of learning and scholastic aptitude.

It's also a recipe for dumbing down the quality of education.

Thanks to a voter initiative, racial discrimination is illegal in the state's universities.  Standardized tests provide evidence that some groups of applicants bring superior levels of preparation to others, becoming evidence of racial discrimination.  U.C.'s response is to destroy the evidence to facilitate the discrimination.

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