Time for Republicans to take a stand against Pelosi's Jan. 6 circus

When will the House Republican Conference (minus two members who should no longer be in the conference: turncoats Cheney and Kinzinger) rise up as one to denounce the Pelosi Select the Heretics Committee as unconstitutional — as have Representatives Banks and Taylor Greene — and the panel's subpoenas as invalid as the fruit of an unconstitutional tree?

This panel was selected only by Pelosi, contrary to normal House procedures that the minority party selects its members on House committees.

The subpoenas issuing forth from this invalid committee are disdainful of the First Amendment, as the drafts suggest that it is unlawful to hold a different view of election results from that held by the "winning" party.

The Democrats have made a fetish over their insistence that to disagree with the leftist view is to assert a false, and what is more, an unlawful, claim.  Since when are differing views on politics disallowed, under law, as false?  One can appreciate the disfavor with which the woke leftists view Thomas Jefferson, principal author of the Declaration of Independence.  In his first inaugural, Jefferson declared, "[E]rror of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left to combat it."  Are we to understand that the woke left now holds the view that as reason is not to be allowed to combat their politics, "error of opinion" can't be recognized?  Isn't this the hallmark of the totalitarian state?  One has no right to individual application of reason, and, therefore, one has no possibility of holding an "erroneous" opinion?  Reason is whatever Big Brother says it is.

No wonder the woke left calls for a transformation of America.  Leftists aim to turn the American spirit of freedom into the ancient ban on the freedom to think.  

When will the House Republican Conference resist the efforts of the Democrat woke leftists to ban freedom of thought in the homeland?  Didn't the rabid left resist accepting the presidency of Donald Trump after November 8, 2016?  Didn't the anti-Trump/NeverTrump crowd wallow in the false claim of collusion between the duly elected president and Russia?  There was no congressional investigation of the Trump resistance, no congressional investigation of the lie about colluding with Russia.

Indeed, the investigation for most of Trump's first term was about President Trump and the lie that he colluded with Russia — a desperate effort to get the American people to believe the lie.

In these times, when the essence of civil liberties is under attack from Biden and his handlers, if a patriotic group were to declare resistance to Biden's unconstitutional rule, his attorney general likely would send the FBI to invade the homes of resisters and throw them into solitary confinement without trial.

Nevertheless, the time to defend the Constitution is precisely when it is under attack by its enemies.  It is not "domestic terrorism" to speak out when the First Amendment is violated by an unconstitutional select committee; it is an act of patriotism, faithful to the legacy bequeathed our generation by the Founders, who are to be cherished, not vilified.

As Representatives Banks and Taylor Greene have courageously indicated, the Pelosi Select Committee on January 6, together with any and all subpoenas issued, offends the Constitution.  The House Republican Conference must speak out now, forcefully, to declare the Pelosi panel and its detritus null and void ab initio.  Our national legacy of freedom depends on it.

May God continue to bless America in the context of helping people who help themselves, and may he make America great again.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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