The war on police and vaccine mandates leave a child to watch his father die

A 13-year-old boy in Seattle called 911 because his father had collapsed.  However, thanks to Seattle's war on police and its vaccine mandates, resulting in fewer available police than a city Seattle's size needs, help took so long to arrive that the child sat there, alone, watching his father die.  To make things worse, it turns out that aid could have arrived early but for bureaucratic bungling.  This is the human consequence of the left's stupid and cruel policies.

The story happened earlier this month.  Jason Rantz, a Seattle radio host, obtained the story and made it public.  The boy was home alone with his father when his father began to have trouble breathing.  The boy called 911 seeking urgent medical care.  Instead, he got...nothing.

Sounding remarkably composed, in two separate calls to the 911 dispatcher, the boy described to the operator his father's trouble breathing; his lapse from being conscious to being unconscious; the "moaning noise" his father made; and, eventually, the fact that his father was barely breathing.  During the second call, as he was waiting for the help that never came, the boy explained, "He wasn't like this before.  I'm just really worried."

So what was going on behind the scenes that caused this deadly delay?  The Seattle Fire Department actually arrived within eight minutes.  However, the firefighters did not enter because they were told that the man who lived there had a history of threatening first responders.

According to Jason Rantz, as he told Tucker Carlson and as is seen in a long KTTH report explaining exactly what happened, this was an erroneous report regarding someone else in the building.  The Daily Mail, however, writes that a fire department spokesperson confirmed to it that there was a caution notice for the apartment.  I trust Rantz more.

Image: Wooden figures performing CPR.  Piqsels.

Whatever the truth, the firefighters believed that it was too dangerous to enter, and they sat in the parking lot for several valuable minutes, waiting for the police.  However, thanks to Seattle's double-whammy against the police — first defunding them substantially and then imposing a vaccine mandate on them — the police weren't available.  They eventually arrived more than 20 minutes after the boy had placed the first phone call.

By that time, the firefighters, having learned about the second 911 call and realizing that the man was no threat to them, had entered the apartment and begun CPR.  Despite working on the man for an hour, they were unable to save him.  According to KTTH, "[o]ne medic explained that 'had it been addressed early, his chance of survival would have been 60%.'"

There are some deaths that should never happen.  People shouldn't be assaulted, murdered. or raped by illegal aliens, nor should they die in car accidents due to drunk drivers.  Had our government followed the law, these people would never have been here to harm American citizens.

Likewise, no 13-year-old boy in a major, formerly high-functioning city in America should sit alone, watching his father die because leftist politicians yanked funding from the police, fired police for refusing to get a shot that does not prevent them from catching or giving pneumonia, and presided over a bureaucracy that checks notices about dangerous residents only every two years.  This was the perfect storm of leftism and bureaucratic failures.

I sincerely hope that the boy has loving relatives (perhaps his mother) who can take him in.  He handled the situation with exceptional grace, judging by the two 911 phone calls, and deserves a stable, safe place to live until he's ready to venture forth into the world.  As for the politicians and activists who caused this, they deserve to be arrested or sued into penury, depending upon the applicable criminal and civil wrongdoings that can be raised against them.

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