The Texas Democrats need the issue

We learned that the Biden DoJ is going after Texas again.  The issue now is the election integrity law signed by the governor.  You may remember that it was this law that had Democrats flying to Washington, catching COVID, with some even going to Portugal to get married.  Eventually, they came back, and the law is on the books.

Why is the DoJ doing this?  This is what they are saying, according to CNN:

The Justice Department lawsuit said the law illegally restricts voters' rights by requiring rejection of mail ballots "for immaterial errors and omissions." The law also harms the rights of voters with limited English proficiency, military members deployed away from home and voters overseas, the Justice Department alleged.

The DoJ makes no sense because no one is being denied his right to vote.  Let's look at what happened on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, John Lujan beat Frank Ramirez in South Texas.  What's the big deal?  Hispanics beat Hispanics in South Texas all the time.  Well, this is a Republican named Lujan beating a Democrat named Ramirez in an "always blue" district.  This is the story from the Texas Tribune:

Republican John Lujan has won the special election runoff for Texas House District 118, flipping the Democratic-friendly seat in San Antonio.

The victory by Lujan gives Republicans an early win in their drive to make new inroads in South Texas after President Joe Biden underperformed there last year.

With all vote centers reporting Tuesday night, Lujan was leading Democrat Frank Ramirez 51.2% to 48.8%, according to unofficial results. Lujan briefly held the seat in 2016, while Ramirez is a former staffer for the San Antonio City Council and at the Texas Legislature.

I should add that former rep. Beto O'Rourke campaigned for Ramirez, the Democrat.  On the other hand, Governor Greg Abbott was a strong supporter of Lujan, the winner.  We hear that O'Rourke may run for governor in 2022.

The DoJ is just acting political.  These people want Texas Democrats to have the issue just a little bit longer.  Fortunately, the voters are not buying it.  The voters are voting, but they are not voting Democrat.

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Image: Adam Gerard.

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