The race-hustlers have the long knives out for Kyle Rittenhouse

Issac Bailey, a Black teacher at Davidson College in North Carolina, makes a good living telling White people why they should hate themselves.  However, on Thursday, the day after Kyle Rittenhouse sobbed on the witness stand as he recalled ending two lives to save his own, Bailey announced to the world that those tears had elevated Kyle to the status of White supremacist hero — never mind that Kyle has never said or done anything racist, while the men he shot were violent White felons who were trying to kill him.

The adults responsible for maintaining order in a civilized country bailed when it came to Kenosha.  Rampaging mobs filled the streets, burning, looting, and assaulting.  Kyle, 17, looked at the absence of adults to save people's livelihoods and lives and ventured into the hellhole that BLM and Antifa had created in Kenosha with three goals: to clean up damage from the riots, to help protect people's businesses, and to provide first aid.  He took a first aid kit and a rifle with him.

Videos and witness testimony at the trial proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Kyle avoided conflict.  Joseph Rosenbaum, a convicted child rapist, tried to set buildings and the police on fire; Rosenbaum targeted and threatened to kill Kyle; Rosenbaum chased and cornered Kyle; Rosenbaum lunged for Kyle's gun; and Kyle fired in self-defense, killing Rosenbaum.

After that, a mob screaming about "braining" Kyle chased the boy.  He stumbled; someone tried to kick his head in; Anthony Huber swing a large skateboard with full force at Kyle's head; and Kyle shot Huber, killing him.

Gaige Grosskreutz then came at Kyle with a loaded handgun.  When Gaige backed off, Kyle made it clear he wouldn't shoot.  However, when Gaige aimed the gun at Kyle's head, Kyle shot him, destroying Gaige's biceps.  Kyle tried to turn himself in to the police, but they refused to accept his surrender.

Like Rosenbaum, the child rapist, both Grosskreutz and Huber were White and both had criminal records.  Grosskreutz had a long history of violent assaults (domestic violence, burglary, property damage, illegal gun possession, etc.), while Huber had a history of drug charges and serious domestic abuse.  These were violent men, reveling in the riot.

Image: Kyle Rittenhouse and Issac Bailey.  YouTube screen grabs.

Kyle's attorneys put him on the stand because they knew he was innocent and could not be tricked into saying anything that would reveal guilt.  When he recounted shooting Rosenbaum and Huber, Kyle wept uncontrollably.  And that's where Issac Bailey, professional race-hustler, comes in.  (And if you don't believe that characterization, just read Bailey's NPR interview at the end of the summer of "mostly peaceful" riots honoring the drugged-out ex-con George Floyd.)

Although Kyle had no history of racism and the men shot were all White, Bailey wrote an article stating that, convicted or not, Kyle has "won" because he will become the honored symbol of White supremacy in America, either as an imprisoned martyr or a freed hero.  Rosenbaum, Huber, and Grosskreutz are no longer immoral, violent men, each of whom undisputedly tried to kill Kyle.  They are "White allies."  Bailey has it all figured out:

If Rittenhouse is convicted, he will likely stop being a right-wing mascot and become a right-wing martyr. If he isn't convicted, he will set a precedent for others like him to pick up guns they shouldn't have and thrust themselves into the middle of unrest they should avoid — confident in knowing that prison won't be in their future.

Kyle is no longer a kid trying to help out.  Instead:

To his supporters, and even many of his detractors, Rittenhouse isn't a monster. Not really. He was a young, dumb kid hyped up on the Foxification or Fox News effect of American discourse on the Black Lives Matter movement in a country that fetishizes guns — for show, for sport and for killing — not a white supremacist, like, say Dylann Roof. Not really. He wore no hoods and didn't wrap himself in the Confederate flag.

The fact that there's no evidence whatsoever to support a single slander in those two paragraphs is irrelevant to Bailey.  He's got his racist narrative — which helps pay his bills — and he's sticking with it.

The tears, for Bailey, are performance art, intended to force the jurors and Americans to believe that "those protesters made him shoot them."  Well, yes, as the videos, eyewitnesses, and Grosskreutz's own testimony show, they did by trying to kill him first.  Self-defense is still a protected right in America.

It's clear, though, that the race-hustlers who were all about defendants' rights last year really weren't at all.  What they're about is a new standard holding that their people get to shoot, burn, assault, and rage, but nobody else does.  It's not equal justice in Bailey's America; it's a pass for his tribe, not for yours.

If Kyle is acquitted, as he should be given the undisputed evidence, there are endless numbers of media outlets and individuals (including politicians) whom he needs to sue, just as Nick Sandmann sued.  Issac Bailey, with his sleazy, evidence-free race rant just added himself to the list.

(Today, my pronouns are "Systemic racism no longer exists in America" and "Race hustlers lose money if they admit that there's no systemic racism in America."  What are your pronouns?)

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