The media have decided it is time to start campaigning for Mayor Pete

As Biden's and Harris's poll ratings drop like a rock, the media decided the time for a puff piece on Mayor Pete is now.

Nothing in this article mentions any accomplishments of Pete, but that doesn't matter.  All that matters is he's got a D behind his name, and he is breathing. 

Buttigieg's Star Rises as $1T Biden Agenda Shifts Toward Him

As President Joe Biden gets set to sign a $1 trillion infrastructure package, many eyes are turning to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

As a mayor, Buttigieg was attuned to calls to fix roads and potholes. He relished talking about state-of-the-art sewer system. Now that message will be national with the stakes far greater.

"The currency of politics is exposure, and he's getting a lot of exposure," said Larry Grisalano, who was Buttigieg's advertising consultant.

At the White House, staff warmly refer to him as "Secretary Mayor Pete," and Biden has compared Buttigieg to his late son Beau. The White House celebrated Chasten's birthday with cupcakes. "You're the best, man," Biden said after Buttigieg spoke at the White House over the summer.

It appears that they have given up on trying to make Kamala a viable candidate in 2024, and anyone with a brain can see that Biden will be lucky if he makes it through four years, let alone runs again. 

If Biden and Mayor Pete cared about the supply chain, they might divert some ships to the right-to-work, red-state Florida, but politics is clearly more important than the people. 

Mayor Pete will probably crash and burn like Harris, but there are many more in the Democrat bullpen whom the media can substitute and write puff pieces on.

Here is a list that comes to mind: Beto O'Rourke, Terry McAuliffe, Stacey Abrams, Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren, Adam Schiff.  Career criminal and fictional dossier–creator Hillary Clinton is always ready.  She still believes that the presidency was stolen from her.

The legislative masters Schumer and Pelosi can be their expert advisers.  After all, no one has ever been as good at counting votes and herding cats as Pelosi.

The guidelines and talking points for Democrats are simple.  They are all for more power and money for the government and less freedom and money for the people and the private sector.

Here is a sample of what all Democrats must do to get the Democrat nomination for 2024:

Never mention the border or visit the border.  Most of the media, Biden, Harris, Mayorkas, AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, entertainers, and other Democrats don't care about the kids in cages, deaths, rapes, assaults, flights in the middle of the night, drug-runners, human-smugglers, gun-runners, cartels, criminals, gang members, and terrorists — so why should you?

You can even make up lies about border agents whipping illegal aliens.  The White House, media, entertainers, and other Democrats will gladly repeat those known lies.  The border guards are disposable.

Always mention that Democrats are the education party as you oppose vouchers, charter schools, and advanced classes.  Remember that results don't matter as you throw more money to your special interest groups.

Make sure and say CRT is not being taught anywhere and is just a vast right-wing conspiracy as you pepper all your speeches with the terms white privilege, white supremacy, and systemic racism to gin up racial hate and division.

While you are blocking pipelines and drilling, and seeking to destroy oil companies, blame the oil companies and OPEC for the high prices.

If you are ever asked for scientific data to support the destruction of oil and coal companies, just ignore the question or say the science is settled.

When talking about inflation, say it is all about demand and the great economic policies of Biden and the Democrats.  Do not mention the oil policies, excessive unemployment benefits, massive government spending, or dictatorial rules and mandates.

Make sure to claim that the massive slush funds for free daycare and pre-K will not cause inflation because they supposedly will be paid for.  Claim that the proposed policies are popular no matter what the polls say.  The media will back you up by running push polls with questions like "Do you want affordable daycare and pre-K?" "Do you want affordable health care?"

Repeat the talking points that Democrats are the party of law and order and that no one is above the law.  No one should lie to Congress and get away with it — that is, unless your name is Fauci, Garland, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Holder, and Lerner.  Then the lies are OK, and they are above the law.

Tell the people Democrats are the party of science, but never utter the words "natural immunity."  Also, as you are promoting mask and vaccine mandates, make sure you never talk about Florida and their results that are currently better than almost all states.

State that you will have the most ethical, transparent, and honest administration ever.  It really won't matter if you and your family are as corrupt as Biden and Hillary.  The media will gladly cover it up.  They will bury the story by claiming falsely that it is Russian disinformation.

If anyone brings up all the lies and corruption of the Obama administration, the media, Hillary, and the DNC, which dwarfed Watergate, as they sought to take out Trump and elect career criminal Hillary, just change the subject to January 6.  You can continue to falsely call that an armed insurrection and ignore the only death caused by a weapon.  The media virtually ignores John Durham's criminal charges, and so can you.

Claim that anyone disputing an election is seeking to suppress votes and destroy our democracy.  It was OK for Democrats to contest the 2000 and 2016 elections, and Stacey Abrams still claims that the Georgia governor's election was stolen.  Democrats are special.

Repeat Biden's talking points that he inherited a deep recession and Trump's policies destroyed the economy.  The media will back your lies. 

JPMorgan: Wages, Productivity Jumped Amid Trump's Low Migration

President Donald Trump's tight labor market from 2017 to 2019 pulled many left-behind Americans into work and jobs, setting the stage for higher economic growth in future years, says a report by JPMorgan.

Always play the race card.  Remember, the media were willing to play the race card against Bush, McCain, and Romney before they liked them if they moved left. 

While you are supporting Planned Parenthood and prevailing wage laws, claim that you want to get rid of everything with racist roots. 

Remember that you can stay in your basement and hide, and most journalists will still support you and claim how great you have been and will be.  Your record and what you have said is not important.  We will gladly call whoever your V.P. selection is the greatest ever and bury their record. 

It is always important for the public to remember that the last Republican the NYT supported was Ike, almost seventy years ago, and the WaPo has never endorsed a Republican for president.  The truth and results haven't been important to these supposed stellar media outlets for a long time.

Photo credit: Gage SkidmoreCC BY-SA 2.0 license.

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