Self-induced genocide

"Climate change" was, and still is, a training wheels concept, albeit a terribly dangerous one.  It's a testing of the waters, if you will.  It set the stage perfectly for the current pandemic phenomenon.  Our near-global reaction to the new "science" of green energy gave confidence to the perpetrators of confidence games, and they've built on their success.  The experiment was done, and succeeded beyond reason, for the public was duped into bundling together the ever-changing climate of the Earth — remember your high school courses? how we had ice ages and such — with the noble cause of cleaning up the environment of toxins and pollution.  Like kudzu on a tree, the concept has inexorably worked to stifle progress and reduce the earth's habitability.

Let me state unequivocally that I am all for cleaning up our environment.  On a sane, rational level, however, not some pie-in-the-sky quest for the unattainable.  Our focus has been on all the wrong things, as we will soon see.  This winter is going to be interesting.  The reality is that if we "move away from fossil fuels for our own good," we may starve and freeze to death.  How many will die because they can't afford to fill their propane tank with heating fuel this year?  How many more as the "supply chain" is interrupted and food prices soar?  They will die, we know that — the elderly, the ill, the fragile, and the poor will succumb.

I mentioned that climate "science" was the training wheels for the pandemic.  My opinion (and I could be wrong) is that the success of pulling the wool over people's eyes on climate emboldened the quiet but deadly cadre that wants to eliminate a good portion of our world population in the name of saving the Earth.  Concurrent with reducing population, they want control over those who are left.  Between the killer jab and the vaccine "passport," which enables strict social control, they are getting their wishes.  That is what the pandemic response is about.  Nothing else!

We now know, unequivocally, that the vaccine is useless to stop the virus.  Look at this handy fact-filled article.  The places where vaccination is highest have the highest case rate and death rate, and it's all in the vaccinated population.  The vaccine, as many people (especially Dr. Robert Malone, the guy who no doubt regrets to no end being responsible for the mRNA technology) have stated, is causing mutations in the virus.  Vaccinating during a pandemic is a drastic scientific mistake, and the guys in charge all know it.

Image: A little boy getting a vaccine. Unsplash license.

Now, they're pushing the stuff on our children and grandchildren, despite their lack of serious illness or death from the virus, and despite it contradicting the initial aim of getting to herd immunity, which would be forwarded immensely if kids got a mild case of the virus (they do) and, therefore, natural immunity.  This is all in the absence of any long-term testing, and while suppressing the facts of what the vaccine is doing to the people who take it.

How are parents going to react when they finally realize they have participated in, been duped into, a potential genocide against their own children and future generations?  How will the autocrats explain their compulsion to destroy life on Earth?  The only answer I can come up with is that it will be too late when people figure it out, and that's all "they" want.

CBS local news dangled this "carrot" to get one's child vaccinated: a doctor stating that "long COVID" was being experienced by youth, even if the initial virus gave them only mild symptoms.  CBS News reported, "A recent UK study also looked at COVID and its impact on children.  It found 1 in 7 kids suffer from long haul COVID with at least one symptom lasting more than 120 days."

Note that they don't link the study, nor do they explain what "one symptom" means.  It's a scare tactic, plain and simple.  Look at the actual report on the study they cite.  The symptoms "most reported" were tiredness and headache.  The report goes on to self-contradict.  (At least in England, that's still allowed!)

High numbers of young people who tested negative reported symptoms at 15 weeks and the researchers identified three factors that may explain this. One is that symptoms such as unusual tiredness are common in this age group generally. The second is that the timing of the survey, between March and May, coincided with the return of school following lockdown and a likely increase in infections. The third factor is that, of those young people sent a survey, only 13% responded – it is possible that these respondents were more likely to have poor health than those who did not respond. (Emphasis mine.)

We're being manipulated, and, among the willing and gullible, it's working well.  How many kids, young athletes, eventually even babies will have to succumb to the bad effects of the "vaccine" that doesn't work before people wake up?

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