Scientists and journalists criticizing Aaron Rodgers for 'spreading misinformation' should look in the mirror

The media, scientists, and others are outraged at Aaron Rodgers claiming that he was immunized when he hadn't been vaccinated.  He was playing word games; the two are distinct concepts.  But now they are accusing him of the sin of spreading misinformation.

Scientists Fight a New Source of Vaccine Misinformation: Aaron Rodgers

I missed the consternation when the WHO lied to the world in January 2020 that COVID wouldn't spread from person to person.  How many died or got sick because of that lie to cover for China?  Biden renewed the WHO's funding, and we are still supposed to believe its pronouncements. 

Fauci said in February 2020 that the people in the U.S. weren't at much risk.  Why isn't Fauci blamed for the deaths and illnesses instead of Trump since he is the "expert"?

In March 2020, the CDC said, without evidence, that COVID would spread easily off surfaces.  In May, the CDC said never mind, we made that up. 

The CDC also said, without evidence, that people had to be six feet apart, especially at schools.  Later in the year, they changed it to three feet, again without evidence. 

Businesses and schools were told, without evidence, to put up Plexiglas to stop the spread.  Later in the year, the evidence showed that Plexiglas might cause more harm than good.  

Those Anti-Covid Plastic Barriers Probably Don't Help and May Make Things Worse

How many businesses were destroyed or harmed because of these non-scientific edicts?  How many schools were unnecessarily closed? How much expense was unnecessary?

How many of the supply chain problems and how much of the inflation are being caused by unnecessary rules?

But Aaron Rodgers needs to be silenced because he didn't take the vaccine but implied that he did.

Why did the CDC change the way it counted COVID deaths in March of 2020 from the way it previously counted deaths from other viruses?  It clearly wasn't about science.  The CDC changed it to people who had COVID or assumed to have COVID instead of caused by COVID.  Therefore, people who died from heart attacks, cancer, kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, stroke, or anything else were counted as COVID instead of the actual cause.  This certainly caused deaths from other causes to be undercounted.  Doesn't that harm research and analysis?

Was it to intentionally goose the numbers to scare the public into submission?  The people running things needed people to support the dictatorial edicts for lockdowns, contact tracing, testing, and closing schools and businesses, so they changed the way they counted. 

Italian Institute Of Health Drastically Reduces Its Official COVID Death Toll Number

The Italian Higher Institute of Health has drastically reduced the country's official COVID death toll number by over 97 per cent after changing the definition of a fatality to someone who died from COVID rather than with COVID.

In the spring of 2020, when Trump, Cotton, and others wanted to look at the Wuhan lab as the source of COVID, they were silenced by the media and scientists, who called it a disproven conspiracy.  They lied.  Democrats in Congress have never been interested.

How many more people died or have been ill because investigations were stifled?

We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin[.]

The Wuhan Lab Leak Hypothesis Is A Conspiracy Theory, Not Science

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the public has been warned continuously about super-spreader events that never happened.  Memorial Day, 4th of July, Trump speeches, a fireworks event at Mt. Rushmore, protests against dictatorial edicts, baseball games, football games, the Sturgis motorcycle rallies, funerals, weddings, going to church, bowling, going to work — all were all described as dangerous.  Gatherings in groups greater than ten, even with families, were described as super-spreaders.

But the same people who gave these warnings, including Fauci, the CDC, and politicians, supported protests and riots by radical leftists.  Those were safe.

How many businesses and jobs were hurt or destroyed by these rules?

But Aaron Rodgers is dangerous.

When the talking points were regurgitated that the virus is very dangerous to children, the NYT put out a piece of pure garbage that said 900,000 had been hospitalized with COVID.  The number was actually 64,000.  There is no way to miss by 1,300 percent unless it is intentional.  The article also claimed that the Wuhan lab theory has racist roots.  They always play the race card.  But the NYT is worried that Rodgers is misleading.

To put things in perspective, an estimated three million children go to the hospital every year, so 64,000 in 18 months should strain very few hospitals. 

NYT issues embarrassing correction after reporting 900,000 children have been hospitalized in US with Covid when true figure is 63,000: Science reporter who claimed Wuhan lab leak theory has 'racist roots' made series of errors. 

CNN and others sought to destroy a conservative by ripping him about using ivermectin.  They called it a horse dewormer to imply that it is used only on animals.  They lied.  It is a shame that Terry Bradshaw believed the lie when he ripped Rodgers. 

Discovered in the late-1970s, the pioneering drug ivermectin, a dihydro derivative of avermectin — originating solely from a single microorganism isolated at the Kitasato Intitute, Tokyo, Japan from Japanese soil — has had an immeasurably beneficial impact in improving the lives and welfare of billions of people throughout the world. Originally introduced as a veterinary drug, it kills a wide range of internal and external parasites in commercial livestock and companion animals

Biden, Pelosi, Fauci, and others misled the public that once you had the vaccines, you would be safe and not mask up.  They lied.

We were told by these same people that there would never be a national vaccine mandate.  They lied.

The media and politicians continually lie to the public that states that have strict mask mandates and higher vaccine rates always do better than states that don't even though they know that isn't true, but Rodgers is dangerous for supposedly spreading misinformation.

Masked-Up California Reporting 4x More Daily Cases than Florida

Data last updated Tuesday shows California reporting a daily average of cases of 6,353, according to the New York Times' coronavirus case map and tracker. That results in an average of 16 cases per 100,000. Overall, it reflects a 61 percent case increase in the last 14 days.

Meanwhile, Florida — the red state the establishment media battered throughout the coronavirus pandemic for refusing to implement stringent mandates — is reporting far less. 

As of Tuesday, Florida reported a daily case average of 1,506, or seven per capita — a decrease of 20 percent in the last two weeks. In terms of the daily average cases, California is reporting four times more than the Sunshine State.

During the six-month flu season of 2019–20, the CDC estimates that 39 million to 56 million got the flu despite the flu shots.  That is between 200,000 and 300,000 per day.  Think how many more there would have been if we had tested people with few or no symptoms.

We are in a flu season now, so why would we have a vaccine mandate and fire people who don't follow the dictatorial edict when we are averaging only a little over 70,000 cases per day?  That would be a mild flu season if it continues.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that, as of April 4, 2020, the 2019–2020 United States flu season had caused 39 million to 56 million flu illnesses[.]

I always thought health details were supposed to be private, so why should we know or care about Rodgers's health records?  We still haven't seen Biden's.

I have two questions for journalists and other Democrats:

Do you believe women should have the freedom of choice to abort children no matter what stage of the pregnancy they are and how healthy and developed the baby is because it is their choice, their body?

Do you believe that women should have the freedom of choice to not take medication, including vaccinations, have radiation, or chemo because it is their body, their choice?

If you answered no on the second question, you are not really for freedom of choice.

How many children's lives were greatly harmed by the school closings?  How many small businesses were greatly harmed or destroyed while most big businesses thrived?  How many people committed suicide, had drug overdoses, drank too much, ate too much, exercised too little, or missed doctor appointments and tests because of all the dictatorial edicts?

The reason that media distrust is at its highest now is because of how much they are willing to mislead or lie on COVID, climate, fossil fuels, Russian collusion, systemic racism, and the border.  They will also bury stories of Biden family corruption, Clinton family corruption, FBI corruption, and anything else they deem might be unhelpful as the campaign for Democrats and their radical leftist policies to remake or destroy America.

They are willing to destroy anyone who dares think independently, like Aaron Rodgers. 

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