Rittenhouse trial plagued by corporate tech and Big Media bid to taint his case

As Kyle Rittenhouse's prosecutors go into their grand facepalms, following the trial revelation from their star witness that just supported the 17-year-old murder defendant's claim to self-defense, it's pretty obvious the wretched case is now over.  AT deputy editor Andrea Widburg has an excellent post today on that here.

The short story here is that the kid was beset by Antifa thugs during the Kenosha, Wisconsin arson-and-looting riots last summer and ended up killing a couple of menacing Antifa-linked thugs who seemed to be trying to kill him first.  The argument stands up, and even the guy who'd been aiming the gun at Rittenhouse at close quarters admitted it.  The case obviously should have never been brought to trial, and the kid should not have been held in jail, been subject to a Red Queen–style trial by press, nor held up as a pariah in the months that followed.  These prosecutors had no case whatsoever and are now on record as junk prosecutors who bring trash cases premised on the direction of the political winds.  The kid should be acquitted promptly.

But the prosecutors weren't the only creeps in this case.  A hell of a lot was done by corporate and Big Tech America to demonize the kid without trial and shut the kid's ability to defend himself from a public that wanted to help him out well before the trial.

On the tech front, several of these entities shut down Rittenhouse's capacity to raise funds to defend himself.

Start with Facebook.  According to this Aug. 30, 2020, Wall Street Journal editorial:

The social-media giant seems to have declared Kyle Rittenhouse's fatal shooting of two people amid riots in Kenosha, Wis., a mass murder. Mr. Rittenhouse's lawyer says his client was attacked and acted in self-defense, but Facebook has banned any "praise and support" for him on the site, including links to contribute to his legal representation. Searches for his name on the platform also come up empty.

This is an alarming resort to censorship on an issue of public concern by a company that has advertised its support for First Amendment values. Even more than most political controls on content, this blackout is troubling because it seems targeted at users' expectation of freedom of speech and Mr. Rittenhouse's right to due process.

By taking down links to pay Mr. Rittenhouse's legal fees, the company is interfering with his ability to raise money for his defense in a way other criminal defendants might. The fact that the platform may only be used to declare Mr. Rittenhouse's guilt, but not his innocence — though lawyers say the self-defense argument is plausible — could prejudice a jury pool in the high-profile case. One of America's most powerful companies is effectively giving its official imprimatur to Wisconsin prosecutors' case against a specific defendant.

Mass murder?  What kind of lie is this?

Since Facebook didn't like him, they decided that he wasn't to be allowed due process, which is what Antifa members get.  So much for that "democracy" these leftists are always pontificating about.  Impunity for leftists, Red Queen "justice" for right-wing Rittenhouse.  It's vile and disgusting.  They jumped to their conclusions early, made bad ones, and now owe the kid at a minimum an apology.

But there was plenty more, and it wasn't just from Facebook.  Other tech barons were active, too.

According to the Washington Times:

GoFundMe confirmed Thursday it removed fundraisers created on its site in support of Kyle Rittenhouse, a teen arrested for murder following a deadly shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The popular crowdfunding company told The Washington Times it pulled fundraisers made for the 17-year-old murder suspect and refunded all donations contributed to those campaigns.

GoFundMe said the campaigns were taken down for violating its terms of service but did not specify further. Its terms prohibit "activity that GoFundMe may deem in its sole discretion to be unacceptable."

This one, too:

A campaign for Mr. Rittenhouse created on rival crowdfunding site Fundly raised more than $50,000 within several hours Wednesday, meanwhile, but subsequently disappeared as well.

...and these guys:

This morning PayPal confirmed to Gizmodo that it has cut ties with GiveSendGo, the Christian crowdfunding platform which hosts fundraisers for, among other causes, Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse and Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio.

More here:

On Monday, PayPal stopped providing payment tools to GiveSendGo, a Christian crowdfunding site that helped raise money for people who attended last week's Capitol riots, said PayPal spokesperson Justin Higgs. GiveSendGo also raised money for the legal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, charged with killing two protesters last August in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio.

Higgs said that the company works "to ensure that our services are not used to accept payments for activities that promote hate speech, violence or other forms of intolerance" and that it regularly reviews accounts for prohibited activity. The company is currently reviewing accounts associated with last week's riots for possible termination, he added.

GiveSendGo's founder Jacob Wells said PayPal's account of what happened was not accurate and that GiveSendGo decided to stop using PayPal after receiving a request from the payment processor to "censor" some campaigns.

There also was the press itself. After confirming that the kid was conservative and a backer of the police, the Washington Post went out of its way to report on how supposedly "dumb" and "stupid" he was, how much of an academic underachiever, as if that would have any relevance to the case other than to ensure that such negative information about Rittenhouse got out into the public.  What he did or didn't do was irrelevant to them; they just wanted to paint him as a Trump supporter who was necessarily dumb.  After all, they had a "narrative" to spread.

The Post also falsely branded Rittenhouse a "militia" member, making their phony claim based on a lawyer's argument about a "well regulated militia" from the Constitution in Rittenhouses's defense and then twisting that into a claim that his lawyer said he was a militia member.  That looks like a libel case right there.

The Federalist's Rachel Bovard has an excellent tweet on the slew of bad corporate behaviors:

Amid all this Red Queen justice, another problem was there in the background that they never bothered to comment upon, let alone condemn: the unusual number of threats against Rittenhouse and his supporters from the left.

It also included jury intimidation, which the left employed successfully with the George Floyd jury in the past:

Where are the arrests for these guys?

It seems that corporate America, its media and leftist allies, lousy prosecutors, and anyone who tried to deny Rittenhouse his day in court have some explaining to do.  They all tried to prejudge a trial against what is clearly a case of self-defense in the face of a lethal threat, and now that it's been exposed, they've got nothing to say for themselves.  Where is their hot reporting?  Where are the apologies?  And why the heck does so much of the rest of the establishment allow them to get away with it?

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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