Racist gang attack on Philadelphia train targeting Asians demonstrates effect of race-hustlers on the minds of black youth

Last week, a video of a violent racist attack on a group of Asian-American students on a public train in Philadelphia was widely circulated on social media.  The perpetrators were four African-American girls, one of whom was wearing a hijab. 

It began with four perpetrators hurling racist abuse and intimidating and physically assaulting a group of Asian-American high school students who were sitting in close proximity.  The Asian-American victims helplessly attempted to shield themselves from the violence.

In time, a senior Asian-American girl student attempted to intervene and bring a stop to the assault.  This led to her being the target of violence and abuse from the four African-American girls.

The Asian-American girl student was struck on her head multiple times and was slammed against the train doors.  The assailant group kicked and punched her as she lay flat on the ground of the train compartment.  One of the assailants even took off her shoe and used it to strike the victim multiple times.

A man eventually intervened before the video is halted.

The SEPTA police chief said the four suspects ranged from 13 to 16 years of age.  He said his organization is working with other city and school leaders to offer support for the victims.  SEPTA pledged to provide police protection for students in the future.

The Philadelphia District Attorney's Office then approved charges of aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, criminal conspiracy, simple assault, and other related offenses against four African-American girls.

One suspect has been charged with an additional count of robbery for attempting to steal one of the victims' air pods. 

The question remains: what caused the inconsolable rage in the minds of these teenage African-American girls?

Perhaps it is the divisive climate that has been created owing to the relentless race-baiting by Democrat politicians, activists, and members of the mainstream news media?

Perhaps the frequent and dishonest claim that there is systemic racism all around?

Perhaps the claim that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white nationalist led by then-candidate Joe Biden and the proclamation with certitude that White privilege and nationalism were omnipresent following the acquittal of Rittenhouse?

Perhaps the White House reacting to Rittenhouse's acquittal with the implication that it was unfair?

Perhaps the claim that Kamala Harris's low approval ratings are solely owing to sexism and racism?

Perhaps the fact that former president Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama only claim victimhood instead of being cheerleaders for the black community?

Perhaps the fact that African-American multi-billionaire Oprah cannot stop talking about race while interviewing mixed-race multi-millionaire Meghan Markle?  

Perhaps the amplification of fake claims of a black gay actor that he suffered a racist attack from Trump-supporters in Chicago?

Perhaps the frequent amplification of the irresponsible and reckless actions of a few police officers that led to the deaths of African-Americans and the spin that all persons "of color" are targets of the police?

Race relations have emphatically improved.  The proof is that a non-white person was elected to the highest office of the nation on two occasions.

However, it will take a great deal of time and collective effort to achieve MLK's dream of a society that sees people for the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. 

MLK's dream can be achieved only by permanently altering the mindset of seeing everything through the prism of race.  Overstated claims and frequent spin about racism only make matters worse.

Sadly, many individuals masquerading as pundits have made race-baiting their business model.  They make preposterous claims and write articles about the worsening of race relations to enrich themselves. 

For some "experts," race relations is their domain expertise.  If they concede that race relations are improved, they run the risk of becoming obsolete. 

The same is true for a group such as BLM, who will never, ever concede that there is even the slightest of improvement in the lives of African-Americans because their existence is based on promoting victimhood. 

Any incident of when an African-American is persecuted is an occasion for raising money.  The money is used to perpetuate myths about victimhood, which leads to more donations.  The cycle of hate continues.

The people making the outrageous and overstated claims are like actors; they have a prepared script given to them by activists.  Perhaps they use their own imagination. 

They know that their claims are false, but they say it anyway.  They spit venom on TV and elsewhere and then return in the comfort of the luxury homes in gated communities with armed bodyguards.

But the effects of the poison spread in the minds of innocent and impressionable young African-Americans can never be undone. 

For the performers on TV, this may just be the clever usage of epithets and some amateur, but for the audience, it could be the trigger that causes a permanent impression.

Nothing that follows can ever change those first impressions.  They grow up with the feeling of victimhood that causes anger to simmer from within.  One day, it explodes rather unexpectedly, following a seemingly innocuous trigger such as the mere presence of persons of another race.

The racist violence that was seen on the SEPTA train is an instance of that.  But it could have been worse.  What if any one of them was armed? 

Sadly, the attack on the SEPTA train will be followed by many other racist attacks.  The rage that has been created simply cannot melt into thin air.

The race-hustlers hence have blood on their hands.

Alas, few will dare to call them out.

Image: Screen shot from ABC6 video via YouTube.

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