Our mostly complicit, compliant, sycophant press has no concern about facts, only Democrat power

What happened to Donald Trump in 2016 and beyond dwarfed Watergate.  Most of the media not only didn't care about the corruption of the Democrats, but were also major participants in seeking to destroy a candidate, and later president, they didn't like.

Special counsel John Durham has started to hit paydirt with three arrests so far, the tip of the iceberg, and the story is essentially buried because the media don't care, and they don't want the public to know the truth.  If the public learns the truth, they will see how dishonest, corrupt, and dangerous the media are.  They will set out to destroy anyone they don't want in elective office.  The truth and evidence are never necessary when they are campaigning for Democrats.

The basic story of the 2016 election is that the corrupt, criminal, unlikable Hillary and the DNC couldn't run on their record or unpopular leftist Democrat policies, so they needed to destroy Trump.  They clearly couldn't dig up enough truthful dirt, so they set out to create pure fiction.  They paid a foreign national, a Trump-hater, over $10 million to create a dossier full of pure lies.  They funneled the money through Democrat operatives at a private law firm.  They committed fraud when they signed documents to the FEC saying these payments were for legal fees.  No one at the Hillary campaign or DNC was punished for the fraud because no one cared.  They were also supporting Hillary.  The swamp is deep.

Then these lies were spread throughout the media and throughout the corrupt Obama-Biden administration to destroy Trump and his associates.  The lies were obvious, yet no one cared.  All they cared about was electing and protecting Hillary.

Dishonest people working at the FBI used these fictitious documents in lies to the FISA court as they set out to spy on and entrap anyone associated with Trump.

These same agents protected the career criminal Hillary from prosecution, no matter how many laws she violated and how many pieces of information she destroyed to obstruct justice.  The media didn't care.

For years, the Democrats, including Reps. Schiff and Nadler, set out to destroy Trump with endless investigations based on fictitious documents.  The media participated in targeting Trump with no evidence.  They needed to destroy him because they didn't like his policies.

Schiff, Swalwell, Clapper, Brennan, and others went on compliant media outlets to spread lies about Trump being a Russian agent.

The corruption and dishonesty of the media have been clear for decades.  Here are some things they haven't cared about or have lied about as they campaigned for Democrats and set out to destroy their political opponents.

Didn't care about how many women the Clintons physically and mentally abused.  People who we are told respect women called them bimbos and trailer trash.  The women were disposable as the media, entertainers, and other Democrats campaigned for Bill.

Didn't care about Bill committing perjury and causing a young subordinate to commit perjury and obstruct justice.  Monica was disposable.

Didn't care how many trips Bill took with known pedophile Epstein.  The young girls were disposable if the Clintons wanted power.  How many women and young girls were sexually abused by powerful men because so many were campaigning for the Clintons?

Didn't vet Obama, or care that he associated with radical leftists such as Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers.  They also didn't care about Obama's record as they sought to destroy McCain and Palin.  All that mattered was electing Obama.

Didn't care about all the lies used to pass Obamacare, nor did they care that Pelosi wouldn't let members of Congress, the media, or the public see it before it was voted on.  All the media cared about was the agenda.

Didn't care about the separation of powers when Obama illegally bypassed Congress to pay for shortfalls in Obamacare.

Didn't care when Obama and Holder obstructed justice for years on Fast and Furious.

Didn't care when Holder or others in the Obama administration committed perjury before Congress.  They were above the law.

Didn't care when the corrupt, politicized IRS illegally targeted political opponents of Obama, destroyed computers and documents, and lied to Congress.  The politicized, corrupt Justice Department decided that the swamp creatures at the IRS were above the law.  Political opponents of Obama and constitutional rights were disposable.

Didn't care when the corrupt Justice Department, EPA, and CFPB shook down corporations and set up slush funds to give kickbacks to Obama-supporters.  Laws and ethics were disposable.

Didn't care when Obama and Hillary didn't lift a finger to help people under attack by terrorists in Benghazi.  Instead, they concocted a lie about a video causing the attack because the truth might have jeopardized their power in the coming election.  They even sent Susan Rice out to five networks to intentionally lie.  Now this known liar is high up in the Biden administration.

Didn't care that people continually lied through the media to get the Iran deal done. Ben Rhodes bragged about how gullible and helpful the media were in perpetuating the lies.

Didn't care that Obama sent $1.8 billion in unmarked bills to the tyrants in Iran to bribe them.

Didn't care that Obama dictatorially ordered the politicized, corrupt Justice Department to drop a multi-year, multi-department investigation into a billion-dollar drug-running operation by terrorists to appease the tyrants in Iran.  They were above the law.  Obama's legacy was more important.

Don't care how many people were killed by drugs and terrorism because Obama cared more about his legacy.  The Americans who died were disposable.

Don't care that the corrupt, politicized, Justice Department was so busy campaigning for Hillary and seeking to destroy Trump that they didn't care how many laws Hillary and her aides broke, didn't care how many computers and documents they destroyed, didn't care how much they obstructed justice, and didn't care how much they lied.  They were above the law because they wanted Hillary to defeat Trump.

Don't care that Comey, McCabe, Schiff, Brennan, Clapper, and others intentionally lied about Trump and Russia for years.  They still trot them out when they want to trash Trump.

Willingly participated in spreading the "hands up, don't shoot" lie after Ferguson to gin up racial hatred against white cops.  They don't care how many cops were injured or killed by these intentional lies.  The cops were disposable.

Participated in the intentional lies as they sought to destroy white Christian boys for the crime of wearing MAGA hats.  The young boys were disposable. 

Participated as they sought to destroy Judge Kavanaugh with no evidence.  It is astonishing and deplorable how many people the media are willing to destroy to push the leftist agenda.

Never cared about the Biden family corruption.  Even buried the truthful story about the Hunter Biden laptop to protect Biden before the election.  They still don't care about all the kickbacks to the Bidens, no matter how much evidence there is.

Instead of caring about the Biden family corruption, the media and other Democrats sought to destroy and impeach Trump for wanting to investigate the corruption — which should be his job.

Don't care about sanctuary cities and states and the Biden administration refusing to enforce immigration laws they swore to uphold.

Don't care about how much Fauci, the WHO, and others have lied or gotten wrong or about the Wuhan lab and gain of function research.  The children's financial, physical, and mental health were disposable as schools were unnecessarily closed.

Don't care about natural immunity as they are willing to fire anyone who dares disagree with the dictatorial mandates to get shots.  Those people who get fired are disposable.

Don't care about how well Florida is doing compared to the rest of the country without mask or vaccine mandates.

Don't care about all the states where election laws were intentionally violated in the 2020 election.  Instead, they pretend there is nothing to question.  They had no concerns when the 2016 election was challenged, and Trump was called an illegitimate president for four years.  Instead, they participated in the big lie.  They don't care about voter integrity, as they claim that requiring a photo ID to vote is racist.

They participate in continuing to call an unarmed protest on January 6 an armed insurrection to intentionally mislead the public.

They don't care about the only person killed by a weapon on January 6.  An unarmed veteran woman was shot by a Capitol cop.  Ashli Babbitt was disposable.

They not only don't care that CRT is taught throughout the U.S.  They lie about it as they regurgitate the terms — white supremacy, white privilege, and systemic racism — to gin up racial hate and division.  They do this while they pretend they are for unifying the country.

They have never cared about evidence to support the radical climate change agenda to destroy America.  They don't care that all the dire predictions have been 100% wrong for decades.  All they care about is the agenda.

And they certainly don't care what is in all the slush funds the Democrats are seeking to pass and how they are paid for.  They don't care that Pelosi is trying to get them passed before they are read and before they are scored by the CBO.  They campaign for these bills sight unseen because facts don't matter and haven't for a long time.

I am sure others can think of many other things that the media doesn't care about.

What should we call the press who cares more about whom they elect and an agenda than the truth?  What should we call people who are willing to destroy anyone who gets in the way of the left's quest for power?  Wouldn't enemies of the people be an appropriate term?  Calling these people progressive is certainly mislabeling.

Graphic credit: Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images.

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