Monday Schadenfreude: Chesa Boudin gets religion on shoplifting

There's nothing like a smarmy, smug leftist who's realized he's cooked his own goose.

That brings us to the case of Chesa Boudin, the district attorney of San Francisco, who's effectively legalized shoplifting in the name of "criminal justice reform."  He's prompted massive store closures with ugly videos of broad-daylight robberies on large and small stores.  Boudin's refusal to prosecute has turned San Francisco into another socialist crime pit, Caracas.  And now, like his mentor Hugo Chávez, he's facing a voter recall.

This seems to be concentrating his mind, given that he's suddenly changing his tune — and comically enough, fooling no one.

Here's his tweet condemning the brazen open-air robbery on the Louis Vuitton boutique on tony Union Square:

In that raid, organized criminals smashed and grabbed virtually all the merchandise and left the shop a ruin. 

Apparently, they attacked other tony boutiques, too, picking them clean.  Police arrived and arrested the last few coming out the door, but local news reports that most of them got away:

To return to Chesa's tweet, well, that doesn't sound like the Chesa we know, perpetually blaming poverty and racism for this kind of crime, yakking on about "ending incarceration" and the "prison industrial complex."  He does his part to advance "social justice" by refusing to prosecute perpetrators.  What's happened, though, is that small perpetrators have grown into monsters, organized thievery rings, and they are expanding operations.  Around the time Union Square was emptied out, organized thieves targeted the Walnut Creek Nordstrom, which I know since I've shopped there myself, is an easy BART trip away. 

Here's the other thing: Boudin has up until now stated that he's letting the little guys go so he can focus on taking down the big guys, the organized crime rings, kind of the same way Joe Biden says his ICE will take down only organized human-smuggling rings and ignore individual illegals.

How's that going?  Seems the organized rings have grown more bold and powerful based on this policy, very comparable to the leftists who refuse to recognize the wisdom of the "broken window policy," which brooks no small crimes because doing so fosters big ones.  Rudy Giuliani, who cleaned up New York in the 1990s, proved that flawlessly.

Now, with the recall on, there's the sorry spectacle of Chesa trying to change his tune, quite unsuccessfully, showing no recognition for his role in the catastrophe.  That's led to a full-blown ratio of sarcasm, cynicism, incredulousness, and sheer loathing from Twitterati.  Here's a sample:

Apparently, something has concentrated young Chesa's mind.  Why do I think that?  Well, not just because it doesn't sound like him, but because as he tweets what he tweets now, these two groups of characters are still around.  Here's the first group — the internet "influencers" calling for more loot fests: 

I hope like anything they are joking, but I see no indication of it.  These are the "they have insurance" crowd.

There's also the press, particularly the San Francisco Chronicle, which seems to have made it its mission to advocate for all the old Soros arguments about poverty causing crime, along with many other arguments put forward in its pages suggesting that crime ain't so bad in San Francisco.

They're still out there, but Chesa's singing a new tune.

What a spectacle this is getting to be now that Dr. Chesa-stein's crime monster has gotten out of its cage.  The monster is out, and unlike them, Chesa can see that it's coming after Chesa.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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