Meet the new Chicago bail court judge that frees perps on recognizance and restrains victims

In the race among blue cities toward dystopia, Chicago is a contender for the lead.  Its streets are dangerous, and when accused street crime perps are arrested, they often get out of jail on recognizance, with no cash bail.  CWBChicago, the invaluable chronicler of Chicago's descent, profiles a new bail court judge who goes beyond freeing very sketchy accused perps on recognizance.

[Judge] Kelly McCarthy, gave an eye-popping performance in felony bond court Friday.

Judge Kelly McCarthy (Facebook via CWB Chicago).

McCarthy set bail for 27 defendants during the session. She gave 22 of them recognizance bonds — including two charged with felony robbery. She refused to grant prosecutors' requests to have several defendants held without bail, including one charged with attempted murder for allegedly beating, stomping, and choking his pregnant girlfriend for 20 minutes.

But that's not all. In one case, even though nobody asked for it, McCarthy took the unprecedented step of ordering a robbery victim to show up in court to be served with an order to protect the man who allegedly robbed her at gunpoint.

In another case, prosecutors said a convicted felon admitted that a gun police found inside a purse in a car he was driving was his. Despite the alleged admission, McCarthy ruled there was no probable cause for the man to be detained because "obviously it's not his purse."

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Hat tip: Peter von Buol.

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