Medical tyranny for you and your loved ones

The medical establishment and federal government are lawless tyrants who are resolved to do what they damn well want to do, irrespective of court orders, medical research, or the will of the people.

They use all their powers and powers they don't legitimately have to force everyone to be vaccinated, supposedly to protect the populace from COVID.

President Joe Biden has announced he will refuse to obey a federal district court minute order to stop discharging civilian and active-duty military until their lawsuit can be considered by the Court.  Biden says he won't obey and will continue to insist that the members of the military get vaccinated or lose their jobs.  He has placed his desire above the law.

A peer-reviewed study of children's reported adverse effects to the COVID vaccines was abruptly removed from publication after being fully accepted with executed publishing agreements.  No explanation was given for censoring the study, which found that an "increase in myocarditis reports coincides with the COVID-19 injection rollouts in children aged 12-15; thus, we hypothesized that the increased cases of myocarditis were in fact occurring in children of these ages."

Someone doesn't want reporting of inflammation of children's heart muscles as the COVID vaccine industry prepares to give the vax to youngsters nationwide, even over their parents' objection. 

Why disobey a court order?  Why censor peer-reviewed research?

The justification in both cases is to squash any hint that the vaccine may be harmful and to prevent any organized opposition to the government–Big Pharma vaccine agenda. 

What should we conclude when people are coerced to do something they believe may harm them?  What should we infer from a medical journal agreeing and then reneging on its agreement to publish a study that exposes the vaccines' potential danger?

How about this?

There are people in high places who don't want you to know things and aren't about to allow you to act in opposition to what they want you to do.

What's that called?  "Tyranny" is a word that comes to mind.

If I were to post what you've just read on Facebook, judging from my experience, it would be removed and my account suspended or traffic to my page reduced, or Facebook would append to my words its standard propaganda that the vaccines are safe and effective.  Or all of the above.

What's that reminiscent of?  Have you read Orwell's novel 1984

Here's something you won't see on Facebook, or even, for that matter, on the vaccine's package or insert fact sheet or label: a list of what's inside the vaccines, whose manufacturers are protected against lawsuits if the stuff harms you.

Mark Landsbaum is a Christian retired journalist, former investigative reporter, editorial writer, and columnist.  He also is a husband, father, grandfather, and Dodgers fan.  He can be reached at

Image: Triggermouse via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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