Let's think about why Biden nominated a Marxist to the Treasury Department

The comptroller of the currency is not another one of those do-nothing Washington jobs.  The person filling this critical role controls all federally licensed banks, credit unions, and foreign banks operating in the United States and similar institutions.  Normally, you would think receiving your postgraduate education at the University of Moscow (in the USSR) and writing your doctoral dissertation on the advantages of Marxism over free economy capitalism might be a disqualifier for this all-powerful position.  But not in the Biden administration.

To Biden and his cronies, the fact that their nominee for comptroller is a lifelong Marxist is not disqualifying.  In fact, to the radical Democrats pulling Biden's strings, Russian-born Saule Omarova's dedication to hardcore communism is one of her strongest qualifications.  Ms. Omarova makes no attempt to hide her radical leftist political and economic feelings other than to try to prevent the Senate committee considering her confirmation from accessing her other "academic" works.

As noted yesterday, some conservatives digging into Omarova's recent past may have found the wooden stake to drive through the heart of her nomination.  In a newly unearthed video clip, this woman who Biden wants to control all our nation's finances told her audience, "In order to prevent climate change, we have to bankrupt all the coal, oil, and gas companies."

Under other circumstances, we might consider this utter foolishness to be little more than the drunken utterance of some Ivy League sophomore.  Unfortunately, in this case, the threat and intent to completely bankrupt American energy producers came directly from the mouth of a person who might be given the power to do just that!

Omarova's nomination is still sitting before the Senate.  All 50 Republicans have pledged to vote against her.  Veteran Capitol Hill observers think the "no" vote necessary to scuttle her nomination would certainly come from West Virginia's Sen. Manchin.  No one can see him approving a nominee committed to destroying his state's economy.

That she probably won't get confirmed isn't the most important part of the story.  There is absolutely no doubt the Biden cabal knew about her history and ideology before they nominated Comrade Omarova to run the nation's financial future.  This feeds into the question so many of us are asking.

Image: Saule Omarova (edited in befunky).  Twitter screen grab.

How could it be possible that Biden and Harris (AKA Mumbles and Giggles) and their policies are such complete and total failures in absolutely every area?  It simply is not conceivable that all their failures, the universal disasters that have hurt the country and its people so badly could have been accidents.  No one is that bad "accidentally."

What does that mean to us now and in the near future?

Twelve years ago, Barack Obama opened his presidency by touring the world to apologize for how horrible a country the United States was.  We all remember the video highlights of Obama's "Great Apology Tour" as he bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia.

In looking at Omarova's nomination and everything else this administration has done, from the border to Kabul to the supported terrorists, including Iranians, receiving de facto permission to build their atomic bomb, I believe we are forced into one inescapable conclusion: the Biden/Harris administration's actions are not the result of ineptitude.  They are a carefully thought out, well-planned, and almost flawlessly executed plan to ensure the destruction of the United States as we know her.  It is being viciously implemented by Obama acolytes such as Susan Rice and hundreds of others who are the people really running our country under the Biden administration.

Is that an overstatement?  I certainly hope so.

After Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto presciently said, "I fear all we have done is awaken the sleeping tiger."  Certainly, the election in Virginia suggests that Americans are becoming roused.  But that may not necessarily save us.

The new question we almost dare not ask is this: do the radical Democrats now realize they will lose their rubberstamp governing power in Washington after next year's midterm elections?  With that in mind, will they simply accelerate what they're doing to destroy the country so that they can accomplish their goal before Republicans almost certainly take over Congress in fifteen months?

I certainly have no crystal ball to predict the results of such an attempt by the radical left, but Omarova's nomination leaves little doubt as to their intentions.

Ed Sherdlu is the pen name of a former CBS television network reporter.  He uses a pen name because his mother would be so embarrassed to know that Ed's 12-Step Journalism Recovery Program had been a failure.

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