Joe Biden imitates Ron Burgundy when reading the TelePrompter

UPDATE: The White House says the phrase "end of quote" was meant to be spoken out loud, showing that Biden was, in fact, ending a quote.  It's entirely possible this is the absolute truth — and equally possible that it's not.  I stand by all the other mean things I said about Biden in this post.

Throughout his political career, Joe Biden has distinguished himself as a man whose greatest abilities are getting himself elected and channeling vast sums of money to credit card companies and his family members.  When it comes to the actual governing, Obama's former defense secretary, Robert Gates, said Biden was "wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades."  That was an understatement.  Biden's incompetence extended to all issues, not just those two.  His abysmal ten-month presidency has supported that conclusion.  And now, thanks to a TelePrompter gaffe, Biden exposed himself being as dumb as the fictional Ron Burgundy.

Even Biden's fiercest supporters would be hard put to argue that Biden is anywhere near as smart as he thinks he is.  He's an ignorant fabulist who, thanks to a combination of ambition, delusion, and stupidity, reads whatever his handlers put on the TelePrompter.  Still, he knows what he's doing and, in some dim, dark recess of his mind, probably understands that it's disastrous for the country...but he doesn't care: Biden wanted to be president and sold what was left of his shriveled little soul to gain the White House.  He'll say whatever they tell him to say.

Image: Ron Burgundy screen grab, edited by Andrea Widburg.

As a press conference on Tuesday showed, when it comes to saying what they tell him to say, Biden takes that responsibility so literally that he dutifully reads every word on the TelePrompter, just as Ron Burgundy, the fictional newsman, did.

First, for context, here's Ron Burgundy (strong language warning):

And then there's Biden.  The occasion was a press conference during which Biden once again promised he would magically make the supply chain breakdown disappear without in any way addressing the reasons that ships are anchored off the California coast (i.e., California's insane environmental laws regarding trucks, its insane war against independent contractors, and its insane COVID mandates, as well as the general problem of vanishing truckers).

And then, the man who shut down the Keystone pipeline and ended every possible bit of drilling and exploration on federal lands blamed other countries (i.e., the OPEC countries and Russia) for not producing enough oil.  This accusation, by the way, kills stone-cold dead Biden's insistence that shutting down oil production in America is to benefit the environment.  If that were true, he wouldn't urge other countries to produce more.  That leads one to suspect that Biden and his handlers simply want to destroy the American economy — or Cloward-Piven writ large:

In keeping with the Cloward-Piven strategy of breaking the American economy, Biden is launching investigations against the oil and gas companies.  I hold no brief for these companies, but the reality is that they perform an important economic function, so, naturally, Biden and his handlers want them dead:

Twitchy has more of Biden's statements regarding the supply chain and energy costs.  Everything he said, without exception, is untrue.

And then comes the pièce de résistance from Joe "Ron Burgundy" Biden, whose brain, never good, is rapidly decomposing:

Somehow, I always imagined that, if America ended, it would go out in a blaze of glory, fighting off Martians or Soviets.  I could never in a million years have dreamed that America risked fizzling out following a corrupt election befitting a banana republic that left us with a power-mad, egotistical cretin taking orders from the leftists who fulfilled his lifelong dream of sitting in the Oval Office.

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