Joe Biden as Vonnegut's Handicapper General

Kurt Vonnegut wrote a short story in 1961 titled "Harrison Bergeron."  Set in 2081, it was a satirical mockery of a government that has mandated that every person must be equal.  It was an early depiction of runaway egalitarianism, a description of equity achieved, as grim as Huxley's Brave New World and Orwell's 1984.

The gist of the story is that smart people, attractive people, and talented people must be handicapped in various ridiculous ways so they have no edge over their less smart, less attractive, and less talented fellow citizens.  Smart people must wear earpieces that emit horrific sounds every few minutes to interrupt thinking.  They may also be required to wear, padlocked around their necks, heavy canvas bags full of lead balls.

Attractive people also wear weighted bags, and, if very beautiful, they must wear hideous masks as well.  If people try to lessen their load of lead balls, they will be punished severely, with a $2,000 fine for every ball removed and two years in prison.

Reading the story today, one cannot help but be shaken by the similarities to the Marxist, DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion), and CRT agenda of the Biden administration, sixty years after Vonnegut wrote the story and set sixty years beyond 2021.

The Harrison Bergeron of the title is an extraordinarily gifted and handsome boy who has been arrested despite his many, many government-imposed handicaps.  He escapes prison, appears on camera at a television studio, interrupting a sad performance by appropriately handicapped ballerinas.  He throws off his hindrances and is revealed to be a tall and good-looking young man who declares himself the emperor.  He selects one of the ballerinas with a grotesque mask.  She too sheds her handicaps and is of course extraordinarily beautiful.

This cannot be allowed, so the Handicapper General arrives and shoots and kills the two revealed, un-handicapped lovely people.  Harrison's mother sees all this on television, but by the time her husband returns to the room, she has forgotten what made her sad.  Such is the eventual outcome of Vonnegut's enforced equity, and it is exactly where the Biden administration and the rest of the "progressive" left want to take us.

One can, with a stretch of the imagination, see Harrison as Donald Trump and Melania as his lovely ballerina.  From the moment Trump appeared on the political scene, the left did everything in its power to kill his political career.  Leftists were terrified by his initial promise: to drain their swamp.  They succeeded after five years with the Clinton-orchestrated Russia hoax and a rigged election.  But Trump lives, and so do the millions of people who supported him.

They can't kill us all.  And, as the election results on Tuesday showed, the anti-handicappers have momentum.  They are waking up to the left's obsession with unachievable equity, enforced mono-mindedness, and mandated vaccines of questionable safety.

Just what is in those jabs, and what are the long-term consequences?  No one knows, but the evidence is proving that the vaccines are deadly for many thousands of people who have submitted to them.  They have killed or handicapped tens of thousands.  That the powers that be now plan to vaccinate all children ages 5–11 reeks of something even more malevolent afoot.  Children are at no risk of dying of COVID unless serious co-morbidities are a factor.  Not a single healthy child has died of the virus.

Could it be that Vonnegut's all-powerful government that viciously mandates equality is our Marxist left's playbook?  The similarities are frightening.  Vonnegut's U.S. government has twisted and amended the Constitution (there are 213 amendments to it) in order to justify the use of deadly force against innocent civilians.  Sound familiar?  Consider all those people imprisoned in D.C. for being present at the Capitol on January 6.  They are being abused more heinously than our homeless or the inmates of Guantanamo. 

It is the American Marxist left that is bedeviled by the notion of imposed equity, as if that would solve all societal problems.  Vonnegut preferred socialism, but in this story, whether by accident or design, he demonstrates the evil of forcing people to be homogenous, thereby denying their individual natures.  This once again brings to mind the question, exactly what is in those vaccines, and why is the Biden/Fauci administration so intent upon injecting every last person not of its posh class? 

Graphic credit:, CC BY 2.0 license.

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