It's my body, and I'll vax if I want to

Let me tell you upfront that I got vaccinated last April.  I'm not anti-vaccine, but I do think that people should have the last word on what goes in their bodies. In other words, I find all this talk about mandates very troubling.  I am not alone as we see in this report about truck drivers:

In an industry already squeezed between labor shortages and interruptions to established best practices, America's trucking organizations are warning the Biden Administration not to make things worse with a capricious, illogical vaccine mandate.

"With one of the most mobile workforces in the nation, the logistical challenge of vaccinating 3.6 million truck drivers as they move cross country is nearly impossible as drivers may not return to their base of operations for several days or even weeks at a time," wrote John Lyboldt, president of the Truckload Carriers Association, in a letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

"This natural lack of consistency regarding the individual schedules of drivers presents an even larger challenge when considering the weekly testing provision of the forthcoming mandate. Adding to this is the exorbitant cost of implementing a weekly testing regime for our mobile workforce and the added burden on our nation's laboratories, which the industry is already heavily relying upon to detect drug and alcohol users in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's [FMCSA] Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse."

Lyboldt also expressed concern that the mandate could prompt qualified drivers to flee the industry, as it has done to other labor forces where similar mandates have been applied, such as municipal workers in cities nationwide. 

"TCA believes the ramifications of the vaccine mandate on the trucking industry would decimate the current driver pool, creating unacceptably long wait times for freight deliveries across the nation … Finding qualified drivers to haul the nation's freight safely and efficiently is already a challenge within the industry, a challenge which will only be exacerbated under a massive driver exodus."

It's not as if anybody can park his car, jump on a truck, and move the stuff that we buy at the stores.  It's a very specialized job, definitely essential, and we don't need these guys, and gals, sitting around because they chose not to get vaxxed.

Once again, we see a Biden administration totally out of touch with reality and very tone-deaf to go along with it.

Why not let the drivers decide?  Let them choose and face the consequences of that choice.  Isn't it their bodies?  I remember when "my body, my choice" was a popular argument coming from the other side.

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