Isn’t It Time To Look At The 2020 Election From The Democrats’ Point Of View?

And now for a little satire....

No doubt about it...


We know this because there's a sign that says so, along with this simple plea:

No More “Audits”

Indeed, at this very moment, this huge electronic billboard bearing these words, which began its life towering high above the streets of Times Square in New York City, is making its way across major cities in America.

Republicans for Voting Rights, which funded the billboard, is an obviously upstanding organization, with such fine people as Bill Kristol, Michael Steele, Linda Chavez, and famed Bulwark writer, Amanda Carpenter. It’s utterly meaningless that Bill Kristol, in February 2020, stated “We are all Democrats now,” or that all his funding has come from Progressives.

In this public declaration from concerned (ahem) Republicans, we have a literal and figurative eye-opener for those droopy-eyed citizens acting like pseudo-patriotic puppies who still won’t let go of that well-gnawed bone labeled “The election was stolen!” The message is abundantly clear: How can anyone argue with the truth behind a sign with letters twenty feet high? Why can’t these silly plebes just wake up and get with the program? Are they such psychopathic fans of the former (yes, former) president that they simply cannot accept reality?

In just a few weeks, it will be one year since The New York Times declared officially that Joe Biden won the presidency. But, hard to believe, there are still citizens who refuse to take the word of the vaunted and much-ballyhooed “paper of record.”

For those among your family, friends, and neighbors who have taken up immovable residence in a Trump fantasy world—some of whom no doubt gather at his verbose speaking engagements across our fruited plains—let me provide you with the fodder needed so that, perhaps, you can finally convince them that their thinking is askew, bordering on seditious. To be kind, let’s just say this well-meaning hoi polloi are all suffering en masse from believing the “conspiracy theory” du jour.

First, remind them that an actual conspiracy, as opposed to their “conspiracy theory” needs facts. What would the game plan be if far-left Democrats went up against team Trump in the 2020 election? Would they put ballot boxes in counties and districts favorable to Democrat voters only? Do ballot harvesting? Misuse the mail-in ballot system that both the Democrat and Republican parties warned was ripe for fraud?

C’mon, man—is there evidence of any of this? After all, wasn’t it the Democrats who alerted us to this misuse of mail-in balloting in the summer of 2020 when HBO released the documentary, Kill Chain? They’d never actually do that, would they?

And what about our federal law enforcement agencies sworn to protect the American public while simultaneously using their powerful clandestine tactics to observe and subvert our enemies, both foreign and domestic? That training and that skill set would never be turned on Trump or his supporters because that would be un-American.

The same goes for the military. Would the military countermand the orders of a sitting president and even work to remove him from office? This would be unthinkable—so only the irrational would think it!

And the media, which is our independent safeguard against the powers that be. These dear folks, many of whom have degrees in journalism from colleges and universities with only the most pristine of reputations and standards, are there to enlighten and inform and basically tell us the truth, even when that truth can be hard to swallow. We know that they would search out any improprieties in our voting system and, rather than silence whistleblowers or demean them in any way, they would usher them to the tops of the tallest roofs and highest towers to shout their eye-witness accounts.

Consider this, as well: the same people that are demanding that we take the vaccine as many times as they deem necessary to keep us healthy and, ultimately, to save our lives, were they not on the scene many months before the election? Did they not have power then to “steal the election”? Everything necessary for a so-called steal was in place months ahead of time, so this unthinkable act of sedition born out of imaginary desperation to stop Trump-as-Hitler could have been used by any group unwilling to restrain themselves. But the well-being of our democracy was and is sacrosanct, so nefarious tactics could never have been activated.

Your family/relatives/friends must use their heads! The people currently in charge, who actually did win the 2020 election, are good, honest well-meaning citizens who tried to warn us that Donald Trump was a fascist. And because of their up-righteousness, they did anything they could—and indeed tried unrelentingly for four years—to get him out of office. Anything, that is, but cheat or grossly bend and break the rules. That would be out of bounds and certainly un-American. The Democrat Party has been known to tweak the rules here and there, yes, but how dare anyone even think they would do anything on a massive, unlawful scale—even if it would have meant denying “Hitler” Trump a second term!

So, you can assure your personal group of conspiracy theorists that taking into account everything that’s obvious—and outlined above—the election was truly the fairest in our lifetime. Not aligning with these facts borders on lunacy.

Finally, if all else fails, please gently remind them of this unavoidable fact: lunatics, eventually, for their own protection as well as ours, end up locked away, safe and sound. The truth must be safeguarded in this country—and sometimes it’s also needed to be spelled out loud and clear in letters twenty feet high.

Because when you come right down to it, “Truth,” above all other virtues, holds sway in our new, fundamentally transformed America.

Simon de Hundehutte is a pen name.

Image: “Trump lost” billboard. Twitter screen grab.

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