Is there a wholly unexpected benefit from the left’s COVID madness?

It’s possible that the Democrats’ decision to use COVID to gain a political advantage in the 2020 election and beyond may have triggered a powerful Black Swan event. Even as they succeeded in destroying the U.S. economy and weaponizing public schools, they may unintentionally have set the U.S. on a new and wonderfully beneficial path: Turning women into stay-at-home mothers who have removed their children from the state’s indoctrination.

I don’t know whether the left, through Fauci, worked with China to create and release COVID. Whatever its origins, COVID gave the left the major epidemic disease it wanted to jumpstart the “Great Reset.” A Great Reset would consist of population control; socialized medicine and its companion, euthanasia; the end of fossil fuels; completely open borders; technocrats using social credit schemes to control people and allocate resources; an ascendant U.N., etc.

A few things stood in the way. Despite decades of leftist assaults on education, America still had a strong middle class and, worse (from the leftist viewpoint), Donald Trump had made it stronger. Everything Trump achieved was antithetical to the Great Reset: Stronger borders, a thriving economy, a dynamic oil and gas sector, American energy independence, military success against ISIS and Iran, pushing back against Chinese control over America’s economy, racial harmony stemming from the rising economic tide lifting all boats, and so much more.

With COVID, leftists got a twofer: Trump left the White House and they destroyed the benefits of Trump’s America, especially for the middle class. With Fauci leading the charge, large parts of America ground to a halt. People were locked in their homes, schools were closed, and businesses were shut down. Trump’s wonderful economy vanished with a giant sucking sound, all to a Greek chorus of leftist voices declaiming about Trump’s murdering American citizens through his ineptitude. To stir the pot, the left used the death of a two-bit hoodlum whose diseased heart couldn’t withstand all the drugs flooding his system as the starting gun for race riots. All of this made Trump seem, not like the most effective and beneficial president since Reagan, but like a failure.

Add in the fact that the lockdowns allowed often unconstitutional mail-in voting and secretive vote counts and, suddenly, you’ve got a popular president losing the race to a corrupt, incompetent puppet who managed to have more ballots counted in his favor. With Biden in office, the left has been able to strike major blows at the economy, the border, national sovereignty, and the military. In addition, it keeps hammering away at the culture, especially in K-12 schools.

This is where that Black Swan might be seen floating by.

Image: Vintage advertisement; source unknown.

Thanks to the lockdowns and school closures, parents have been home to witness their children’s distance learning. They’ve seen, up close and personal, the Critical Race Theory, LGBTQ propaganda, and general anti-Americanism inundating their children. And many parents, having seen it, haven’t liked it.

And at long last, I’m ready to get to the two items I saw today that suggest the possibility of a Black Swan that leftists didn’t see coming when they weaponized COVID to achieve the short-term goal of ridding themselves of Trump and the long-term goal of striking a blow at America’s political, economic, and social infrastructures.

The first story is that, in Washington State, 55,000 students have withdrawn from the public school system. Many withdrew for the reasons mentioned above, as well as the fact that public schools are failing at their core mission, which is to teach children basic skills, such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Indeed, across America, homeschooling is soaring and public schools are struggling to justify their budget. The fact that a district like Fairfax County Public Schools told parents to accept that there are pornographic books in the library indoctrinating kids in the LGBTQ agenda and promoting pedophile grooming won’t help schools.

The second thing I read was a theory that Sarah Hoyt articulated regarding a David Foster article pointing out that America has jobs but no workers. Sarah posited that the workforce deficit may not just be people on the dole or retiring early. Instead, she wonders if a lot of families are discovering that, if they’re not paying for preschool, childcare, and nannies, they can manage on Dad’s salary, especially in an employee’s market. Mom can be home for the kids. Children thrive when they have stay-at-home moms and homeschooling means they’re not getting indoctrinated in leftism.

Looked at from that angle, it’s entirely possible that, by trying to push Americans into being the Soviet Union in 1935, leftists managed to recreate conditions for America in 1955—a time of stable nuclear families and stay-at-home moms before women’s liberation saw them turn their children over to the state’s less than tender-loving-care. And that’s the Black Swan I’m talking about.

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