Imagine no leftists

Imagine America if we just ignored the crazy left.

No Joy(less) Reid.  No Joy(less) Behar.  No Whoopi Goldberg.  No Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, John King, Wolf Blitzer, Erin Burnett, Jake Tapper, et al.

No vaccine or mask mandates.  No lockdowns.  The elderly and immunocompromised would be protected.  Personal choice would be the cornerstone of treatment with facts about vaccines and therapeutics being made openly available to the populace.

Our educational system could recover from its decades-long march into oblivion.  History, STEM, and humanities would once again be the cornerstone of K–12 education.  Hard work in the trades would be venerated as highly as the educated class.    

The study of gender would be isolated to the biology departments, as part of the science curriculum.  If someone deemed himself LGBTQ or straight, we would treat that as a personal matter and not force our/their lifestyle choice on the rest of society.

Children would be treated as children, with their parents determining the best course of values to pass on to their progeny.

Local, state, and federal officials would honorably serve a couple of terms, and then, as Washington did, retire back to whatever it was that they did before they entered public service.  Politicians would be rewarded for their service, not for the graft that they generate for themselves and their benefactors.

Justice would be reinstituted to establish the boundaries of right and wrong.  Positive treatment of one's fellow man would be encouraged and rewarded.  Punitive measures would be taken against those who break from the social order.

Religion, speech, and assembly would be honored as cornerstones of society.  Healthy discussion and debate would be encouraged.

America as an "exceptional" idea would be reinstituted.  Our borders would be protected, with a door to be opened for anyone who wished to commit to advancing the principles established at our Founding.

Our allies would know we are partners in their defense, not just their protectors.  Our adversaries would respect both our might and our restraint but would understand that our restraint has limits.

Schoolchildren and athletes alike would stand for the flag, our symbol of freedom.

Again, our division is being stoked by the radical hard left.  Most Americans like their neighbors, are happy to see them succeed, and realize that at the end of the day, we have more in common than our differences.

Imagine no leftists — it's easy if you try.

Image: James Tissot.

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