If woke district attorneys do away with the bail system, then what?

Prior to the establishment of jails and prison systems, punishment included whipping, branding, and execution for a range of offenses not limited to murder and treason.  (There were also stocks, and dunking, I believe.)  Imprisonment was intended to abolish inhumane punishment and give the convicted criminal time to reflect on the error of his ways (as well as to protect the law-abiding from being victimized by criminals).

Do the woke district attorneys want to end imprisonment and return to the use of the lash and branding iron, if not capital punishment for theft?

Source: Krimminal Museum, Vienna, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.

This New York Times story concludes with a quote from Wisconsin state representative David Bowen, said to represent largely African-American areas of Milwaukee: "The narrative gaining traction in white suburban communities now is all about being tough on crime." 

Are we to infer that unless one is soft on crime, the individual is a racist?  After all, the argument is now being made that the term "looting" connotes racism.  (Note that last July, the Los Angeles Times barred the term "looting" used in the context of...shall we call them "snatch the swag soirées"?)

One word comes to mind when a societal consensus is shredded as to what constitutes criminal behavior.  That word is "anarchy."

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