For true sports equity, teams will have to start losing a lot more often

Just about the time I thought that the sports in Arizona were going to be compliant with woke equity, the wheels fell off.  The usually equity-compliant Arizona Cardinals started the season with a record-tying (for the franchise) 7-0.  They climbed onto the woke train this past week with a loss to the Packers.  The Suns, on the other hand, have read the memo, and they are 2-3, and the ASU Sun Devils have a two-game losing streak, now 5-3, hoping to even the season with a couple of more losses.  The University of Arizona, on the other hand, tried to pay their way to a win earlier in the season when they invited Northern Arizona to Tucson for what appeared to be an easy win but lost to improve their losing streak to the nation's now longest at 19.  They did not read the equity memo, and heads will probably roll.  The Coyotes ice hockey team has the same problem at 0-9.

I did notice that the officials have a problem in football as well.  The referee, the guy that runs the game, wears a white hat while the other officials wear black hats.  Must be a subtle throwback to plantation ownership.  To the woke folks, this has to go.  I would suggest a more Earth-friendly color scheme with the referee wearing blue to symbolize the sky and the other officials wearing earth tones of brown and green.  White symbolizing ice and yellow symbolizing the sun and excessive global warming would not be allowed.

But then there is an issue with the numbers the players wear.  How is all that equitable when one player may wear number 2 and another number 98?  Is one player 49 times greater than the other?  Probably doing away with the numbers and going with pronouns on the jerseys instead of names would be best for the woke crowd.  After all, it would make it much easier for the announcers and sportswriters.

In the big picture of Arizona sports, the biggest task facing the teams lies with the University of Arizona.  They have to figure out how to find 19 teams that are all willing to lose games so the Wildcats can get to 19-19.  And one last thing.  Is a name change on the horizon for the Sun Devils?  Mixing global warming and Bible characters seems risky.

Image via Pexels.

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