Fairfax County Public Schools gives parents the double-barreled middle finger

Distance learning exposed parents to two things: Critical Race Theory, which doggedly turns American schools into racial war zones, with innocent children painted as victims or victimizers, depending on race, and the push to normalize transgenderism.  In Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), parents identified sexual grooming in two library books: Lawn Boy and Gender Queer: A Memoir, both of which have explicit homosexual behavior and groom children for pedophilia.  FCPS temporarily pulled the books, but it's now reinstated them, which is the equivalent of a double-barreled middle finger at parents.

Fox News reports that the people who educate America's children concluded that the books are fine because they are "affirming" for nascent LGBTQ+ students:

"Lawn Boy" by Jonathan Evison includes long sections of a boy reminiscing about explicit experiences he had at 10 years old and "Gender Queer: A Memoir," by Maia Kobabe includes photos of sexual acts between a boy and a man.

Fairfax County Public Schools announced that it had restored the books to libraries after two committees reviewed them. One committee found that "Lawn Boy" includes themes that "are affirming for students" with marginalized identities. "There is no pedophilia in the book," the committee added. The other committee found that "Gender Queer" depicts "difficulties nonbinary and asexual individuals may face." The committee concluded that "the book neither depicts nor describes pedophilia."

Stacy Langton, the first parent to confront the school board about the books — and to raise awareness about them — strongly disagrees with that conclusion:

Stacy Langton, the Fairfax County mother who confronted the school board with images from the books in September, told Fox News that the FCPS report is "very intellectually dishonest."

"Unless FCPS is using a different dictionary, pedophilia means adults having sex with children, and that is precisely what is being depicted in the particular panel in Gender Queer," Langton told Fox News in an interview on Tuesday.

"You guys in the press have been in a quandary since you can't broadcast the images because it violates FCC regulations," she said. "The FCC says the materials can't be broadcast because they're obscene but FCPS says they're not obscene. How does the committee come to the conclusion that these materials are not obscene when nobody can print them or broadcast them on a national level?"

To show how much of a lie that is, here are two expurgated images from Gender Queer:

(You can see more of the book's text and images here.  Apparently, there are other images that are even more graphic.)

Even expurgated, you understand perfectly well what's going on there: it's graphic homosexual sexual behavior involving children.  Langton has quoted the book's vocabulary: "I can't wait to have your c--- in my mouth.  I am going to give you the b------ of your life and then I want you inside me."

That's not sex ed or affirming different "gender identities."  That's pure porn with a specific goal of grooming young people for the delight of homosexual pedophiles.

Image: Lawn Boy front cover.  Fair use.

Lawn Boy, although it lacks the graphic illustrations, is in its own way even worse.  In addition to graphic depictions of homosexual sexual behavior, it's Marxist.  The School Library Journal explains that

[The] novel takes on tough issues such as race, sexual identity, and the crushing weight of American capitalism.


From the cutthroat capitalism of his first boss to the upper-class cronyism of an old high school pal, each man personifies aspects of Mike's life that he cannot stand, even while he learns valuable lessons from them. Meanwhile, other story lines fix on Mike's underdeveloped understanding of his sexuality, which is not helped by the rampant homophobia and sexism of his best friend, and his equally conflicted understanding of his ethnic identity.

There's the leftist trifecta: racial division, homosexuality, and attacks on capitalism.  If you want to get a specific sense of the book's repeated focus on homosexual behavior between boys and its endless reservoir of dirty words, you can find that information here.

The "educators" who find this normal and helpful are part of the problem.  These books groom children to engage in homosexual activity early (fourth grade!) and often.  That's not affirming; that's predatory, and any educators who sign off on this X-rated grooming material should be dismissed as a potential risk to children.

The reality is that children are in a constant state of flux as their bodies grow every day.  The way to deal with that is not to push kids into thinking the disconnect they sometimes feel comes from being the "wrong gender" or needing to engage in fellatio in fourth grade.  It is, instead, to focus on them as unique human beings, not sexual objects, and to let their identities develop without sexual pressure until their bodies and minds have matured enough to be aligned.

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