Capitol Punishment: The film every American must see

The inimitable actor Nick Searcy was present in D.C. on January 6.  He has just released a film about what he saw that day, Capitol Punishment.  For all Americans who find it hard to believe that our FBI and DOJ are now dangerous enemies of the people, this film will be a shock.  Those two law enforcement institutions are most assuredly now enemies of all law-abiding citizens.  The phenomenon of January 6 was no insurrection; it was a carefully calculated set-up.

The powers that be, some cabal of Trump-haters within our government, successfully manipulated those present to escalate the situation with the help of an unknown number of FBI operatives and some Antifa and BLM activists.  The so-called members of alleged militia groups like the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers were very likely FBI operatives as well.

How can that be?  Because they were there, have been identified, and can be seen inciting people to breach the Capitol but have never been arrested or charged.  In the meantime, hundreds of thoroughly innocent people have been literally assaulted by the FBI, without warning, without warrants.  They've been thrown in jails, denied attorneys and due process. 

Darren Beattie of Revolver News and Julie Kelly at American Greatness have done yeomen's work on the mis-reporting and judicial abuses that took place that day and in the almost year since.  It is a grim and frightening tale of governmental abuse of power.  Searcy's film shows just how far toward totalitarianism America has gone since Obama had his way with our federal institutions and just how perverse they have become since Donald Trump threatened to drain their swamp.  Despite everything the left threw at Trump from the moment he announced his candidacy to the 2020 election, failing to derail his 2016 election, they planned and plotted his political demise: the Russia hoax, now traced directly to Hillary Clinton, two phony impeachment trials, and a host of other schemes in between.

Nevertheless, Trump achieved energy independence; secured the southern border; and brought about a booming economy until the "pandemic," a plan of long standing at the WEF and Fauci's numerous alphabet agencies, whose funding he controlled.  Fauci is a dangerous man with no one's interest at heart but his own.

The plan has long included lockdowns and mask and ultimately vaccine mandates.  Did the plan ever include advising the public on the importance of Vitamin D levels or off-label use therapeutics?  Of course not.  Preservation of lives was not their concern; mass psychological coercion was and is.

Robert Kennedy writes that half a million lives might have been saved with the early use of HCQ and ivermectin, but those drugs were ruled out of treatment protocols for COVID at nearly all hospitals.  These self-appointed oligarchs were concerned only with population control.  Scare them into capitulation to all their nonsensical restrictions. 

The same tactics and strategies that brought the country to its knees with a virus were at play on January 6.  It was a setup, as surely as the election fraud was carefully planned and executed.

These are dangerous times; our government is corrupt to the core, as is our mainstream media.  The media did their job of criminalizing all those present in D.C. that day, just as they are still busy criminalizing parents who oppose mask mandates and Critical Race Theory.  What happened to so many of those at the 1/6 rally — their homes raided by FBI agents in full combat gear, battering rams, and fully automatic guns, even their children handcuffed, their lives destroyed — is happening to engaged parents across the country.

The American left has long been enamored of Stalin and Mao; its minions have long envied their power over their people.  Now they have adopted their cruel communist persecutions of those who politically dissent.  Read Julie Kelly's accounts of how these people are being mistreated in jails even though not one has been accused of a felony.  The Antifa and BLM terrorists can riot, burn, and kill with impunity, charges dropped, no bail, but these patriots are being made examples of what can happen to those of us who love this country.  What they are enduring is not only unconstitutional, but reprehensible in any democracy.  It is a sign of our imminent demise.

So go to, pay the ten bucks, and watch the whole film.  It's a wake-up call for those who have yet to realize just how precariously the freedoms we have long taken for granted are hanging by a thread.  The FBI and DOJ are a danger to us all, for they do not have our safety, security, or best interest at heart.  They are Biden's gestapo (Roger Stone), in service of an undemocratic, radicalized administration. 

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