Did Capitol Police murder someone other than Ashli Babbitt?

After January 6, although the media initially reported that MAGA protesters had trampled Rosanne Boyland to death, the D.C. coroner attributed the death to a drug overdose.  Now, though, footage has emerged showing a Capitol Police Officer brutally beating a woman in the Capitol tunnel — a woman who may have been Rosanne Boyland.

Julie Kelly has written about a motion for the release of a January 6 prisoner, Ryan Nichols.  Nichols, a former Marine with a career as a volunteer search-and-rescuer, was arrested on January 18 and has been rotting in D.C.'s fetid jail ever since.

Nichols has described how he witnessed inside and near the entrance of a tunnel on the Capitol's lower west side.  His arrest, he says, came about because he waded into that area to rescue people the Capitol Police were brutally beating, shooting with rubber bullets and tear gas, and targeting with explosive devices.

Last week, his attorney, Joseph McBride, who obtained three hours of video showing events in and around that tunnel, filed a motion to dismiss.  The facts he states in that motion are appalling.  Nichols's run-in with the law occurred when he became aware that people in and near the tunnel were desperately trying to escape the Capitol Police.

People are screaming and getting crushed. There is a pile of human beings stacked on top of each other at the tunnel entrance. People are trapped and there is nowhere to go.

Image: A Capitol tunnel in 1939.  Library of Congress.

One officer, wearing a white shirt and a badge numbered L359, was focused on a red-shirted woman in a MAGA hat:

"Then for reasons that no fair minded or decent human being will ever understand — [the officer wearing the] White-shirt turns his attention to the woman and begins to pulverize her," McBride explained. "The weapon this officer appears to be using is a collapsible stick, designed to break windows in emergency situations. This stick is neither designed nor to be used against another human being."

For the next several minutes, between 4 p.m. and around 4:15 p.m., the officer in the white shirt relentlessly beats the woman; McBride furnished a literal blow-by-blow account in the court document. (The time stamp is based on a three-hour video clip, not time of day.)

2:07:01: White-shirt hits the woman in the head with his baton five times in seven seconds;

2:07:22: The woman is sprayed directly in the eyes by officer on ledge;

2:07:24: White-shirt uses his baton to hit another person with a mask on;

2:07:30: The woman and others are still being maced and hit by White-shirt and ledge officer;

2:07:38: Blood is visibly coming out of the woman's head and can be seen on the white hoody;

2:07:55: White-shirt and other officers are randomly assaulting people for no apparent reason;

2:08:17: White-shirt makes his way to front of crowd again and targets woman who is attempting to escape;

2:08:30: White-shirt spears and pokes the woman with his baton about the head, neck, and face so as to inflict maximum pain;

2:08:46: White-shirt beats the woman with his baton striking her eight times in six seconds;

2:09:13: White-shirt punches the woman in the face, with his left-hand, landing five punches in five seconds, with all of his might;

2:09:35: Another officer joins in and starts beating the woman in the head with his baton, landing twelve strikes in seven seconds;

2:10:47: If you pause the video here, you will see the welts on the woman's face along with a disturbing look of helplessness;

2:10:54: Officers push the woman around the tunnel;

2:10:55: The woman briefly collapses; 

2:11:13: White-shirt follows the woman to the front of the tunnel and beats her with his baton as she's falling; 

2:11:24: The woman is taken to the back of tunnel and is never seen again.

Ten minutes later, Rosanne Boyland's body was found just outside the tunnel.  According to Kelly:

The D.C. Medical Examiner's Office concluded Boyland died of a drug overdose but that autopsy result is highly suspicious considering the video footage and first-hand accounts of others about what happened to her that afternoon.

Kelly, who seems to have inside sources giving her information about evidence that has yet to be released, writes that we'll be learning more about how the Capitol Police brutally attacked and beat Americans who did what their leftist peers have long done: protested at the Capitol.

As for Nichols, despite his Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial, he has been locked up since January 18 without even a bond hearing.  That hearing will be set for December 20.  The best bet is that he won't have a trial until the middle of 2022, allowing the Biden administration to have several more months to sit on the exculpatory evidence it must produce for a defendant in a criminal case.

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