Corrupted science: The Left's Machiavellian bludgeon

Science is a noble human endeavor with the goal of discovering, examining, testing, explaining, harnessing, and preserving physical nature for the benefit and advancement of humankind.  Moreover, the virtuous pursuits of science serve to augment our understanding of the previously unknown.

In its purest application, science is never truly settled.  Science is not suited to reach concrete conclusions on the how, when, where, or why of the cosmic mysteries of the material universe, its creation, or its Creator.  For science, in its historically accepted proper application, is not based on conjecture alone.  Scientific theories must be proven factually, through exhaustive experimentation and testing, to become relevant, applied, and useful.

The publishing of Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity in 1916 was followed by extraordinarily frustrating peer-generated attacks on his groundbreaking science.  A booklet was published in 1931 titled A Hundred Authors against Einstein, featuring many ill informed contributions.  In total, 121 authors are identified as opponents to Einstein's vaunted Theory of Relatively.

Today, Einstein's gravitational theory has withstood all the frontal attacks by his peers, many of whom were seemingly jealous, egotistical scientists who forever tarnished their own reputations, becoming infamous naysayers of Einstein's genius.

Did Einstein relish these inferior peer reviews?  Of course not!  Did they serve to prove the validity of his theory beyond a reasonable doubt?  Absolutely!

In the current state of scientific inquiry, even Einstein would be shouted down and classified a heretic had he stood up to and challenged the murky, politically correct, unchallengeable "settled science" of climate change or COVID-19 mandates.  Why?  Because, the vacuous term "settled science" is now a sacred cow of the tyrannical, propagandizing leftist crusaders, no matter how ambiguous and errant it is.

COVID-19 fear-mongering and the sacrosanct arena of climate change science are the left's foremost weapons of choice to suppress and control, with an eye on destroying, those American citizens who refuse to kneel before their tyrannical religion, Marxist globalism.

Those of us with graying hair and a truly liberal education remember a time when standup scientists published their conclusions with acute awareness that their peers and superiors would be out to scrutinize their findings for the purpose of refuting or validating their body of work.  Today, peer review of the left's sacred "settled science" is a serious, reputable scientist's one-way ticket to being censured and banished from any hope of acquiring government research dollars.

For all intents and purposes, today's science is steeped in politically charged leftist manipulation, propaganda, and skullduggery.  Thus, the science behind climate change and COVID lacks the credibility of honest and open peer review and debate.

Rather, it is being used as a political bludgeon, an increasingly vicious attack against the truth-seeking freedom of intellectually driven scientific discovery that succeeded in lifting much of humanity out of their suffering state of chronic poverty and disease.

Since Truth inevitably reigns supreme in the pursuits of science, I trust that these destructive, conniving, leftist purveyors of politically manufactured duplicity will one day be exposed and discredited by a highly persuasive, classically educated cadre of scientific geniuses of modern-day origins.

May today's leftist, bootlicking, money-grubbing scientists be sent tumbling, head over heels, into the ignoble trash bin of history's snake oil–peddling scoundrels of yesteryear.  The sooner, the better!

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