Cornhuskers unravel — will America?

When Nebraskans get angry, it is usually over a football game.  During this past Halloween weekend, things got spooky.

The Cornhuskers' home game loss on October 30 to Purdue marked a psychological breaking point for what may be one of college football's most loyal fan bases: the Sea of Red.  For those of us like myself who live in the state's capital of Lincoln, morale is low.

Being that Nebraskans base much of their well-being and state pride on gridiron victories, head coach Scott Frost lost more than a football game as fans walked out of Memorial Stadium before the afternoon scuffle was through.

The Purdue event was not minor.  It has been the view of many Nebraskans that sooner or later, a verbal admission was needed to acknowledge four years of losses in the Frost era.  The fans' walkout was the dreaded public cue, a confirmed sign of real apathy.  It was clear that they had better things to do.

Sam McKewon of the Omaha World-Herald was noticeably distressed as he asked, "Is this how you want Nebraska football to look?"

Corn Nation released an epic post-game video in which Frost was verbally barbecued as a savior boy hire who can't deliver.  The HuskerMax forum piled up with ruminations on firing Frost.

That evening, moral triumphs were not enough.

When the game was through, I stepped into a grocery store to buy a few bottles of beer and pork chops.  The cashier, a woman of about 70, said to me, "I don't think we'll ever win another game, do you?"

Yes, the loss was that bad.  This one hurt, and we finally acknowledged it.  It was written on her face.

There is a lesson in all of this to America.  People can believe in a fantasy for only so long, pushed so far before they admit they're not having fun anymore.

The fun has stopped under Biden, and most of us know it.  Unfortunately, admitting the problem doesn't help us right now.  Taking a loss for the home team is Biden's moral philosophy.

What we have tallied on the scorecard are inflation, a border invasionsupply chain deficiencies, and an insistence that it will endure as long as the pandemic.

Let's be clear: our nation's decline will continue until American "normies" no longer feel as though they are having a good time.  Then it's game over.  Halloween is finished, and winter is coming.

Image: University of Nebraska.

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