Conservative stars inspire at the American Freedom Tour

Judge Jeanine Pirro stood on stage at the American Freedom Tour in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, November 19th.  She was speaking about the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse when someone in the audience called out, "A verdict is in."

Everyone froze and then somebody said, "Not guilty!"

The audience went wild.  They cheered, and then they chanted, "USA, USA!"

Pirro could barely speak for a moment.  Then she said the verdict was personal for her because she has worked in the legal field for so many years, and the verdict, a unanimous verdict, was a message.  "That's a jury; they took it seriously."

She said the jury members were going to make the right decision regardless of what they knew was going on outside the courthouse.  "I am blown away.  Now let me tell you something, you know there are calls to action, and I am shaken to my core right now.  ... As soon as we give up to the anarchists, we're lost and it's over.  If this had gone the other way, anarchists would have been able to say, you don't have any rights.  This message is loud and clear.  It's the Constitution that gives us the right to have a gun to protect ourselves.  "There's nothing more important than the Second Amendment, especially in today's world."

Before leaving the stage, Pirro said, "We have shared a very important moment together."

Other moments at the conference included when author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza, who kicked off the event, reflected on the Rittenhouse trial, before the verdict came in, saying how leftists are driven crazy by the trial because it puts their narratives on trial.  He said the defendant is a symbol for all conservatives.  "We are Kyle Rittenhouse."

Later, a Trump impersonator, author, and musician, John Morgan, came out to the audience, who were all pumped up to see the real 45, and he said, "How about that Rittenhouse verdict?"  The crowd, who were disappointed that it wasn't the real president, cheered anyway.

Good moments and good speakers brought more moments of inspiration to the conservatives who were present.

D'Souza also said conservatives are too nice compared to leftists.  He said we have come to this political fight, and we are the innocents.  Leftists know how to fight.  They say, not only are we going to force you to live in our America, but we're going to make you pay for it.  They have no intention of coexisting.

D'Souza's prescription for how to fight the left: we must secede from America within America.  We create our own institutions, we police them, and we keep the leftists out of them, create long-term our own schools, movies, universities, comedians.  This is conservatives' way of saying we won't live in their America.

D'Souza advised that conservatives strike with politically lethal effect, and he said how to do it: figure out how leverage can be applied so that the other side must react to you.  Learn to enjoy the fight.  Do not do what annoys or irritates, but do what completely discombobulates the other side, and do that incessantly.  Then you're in the zone.  "The outcome of this struggle does not depend on them; it depends on us. ... We're all the country's got."

Dr. Steve Turley showed the video of William Wallace in the movie Braveheart — they may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom.  He said Wallace looked at his motley troops and saw a whole army of countrymen here in defiance of tyranny.  "He did not see them as their enemy saw them; he saw them as they really were."

Turley continued, "Freedom is under assault like never before."  Then he said, "You're despairing not because of a willingness to fight but because you do not know how. ... You need someone to remind you of who you really are."

Turley told the audience they are changing the world, and as it was for the Scots, it is for Americans: no matter what they try to take away from us, they will never, ever, ever take away our freedom.

Lt. Col. Waldo Waldman, author of Never Fly Solo, told the audience to be the wingmen for each other.   "Folks, we survive solo, but we win together."

Waldman asked the audience, are you committing yourself to excellence?  "Fight for the freedom.  As Dinesh D'Souza said, 'You gotta love that fight.'"

Waldman summed up by saying, here's my challenge to you: if you truly want to fight for the people who are fighting for the USA, then be the type of American worth fighting for.

Pastor Mark Burns got the crowd riled up.  He said Americans are tired of this division that's in our nation.  We've got to start coming back together, but we won't compromise our Christian values to do it.  "Give me liberty or give me death."

There's more to come today!

C.S. Boddie writes for Meadowlark Press, LLC.

Image: Melikamp via Wikimedia Commons (cropped), CC BY-SA 3.0.

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