Build back Bolshevik

In January 2020 BC (Before COVID) the American economy was running like a well-oiled machine and enjoying growth rates not seen in years. Unemployment for black people was at all-time lows. Inflation remained a non-issue. And America had once again become energy independent, after decades of shortages and wars linked to her reliance on imported oil.

To look successful, all Joe Biden needed to do upon being handed the presidency was to emerge from his basement, fiddle with a few dials to look busy, and simply ride a post-COVID economic boom back to new heights.

But as Barack Obama might say: Never underestimate Joe’s ability to fox things up.

Vladimir Putin called former president Donald Trump an “extraordinary” and “talented individual,” but he categorized Biden as a political “career man.” Putin wasn’t wrong. Perhaps Biden sensed this, for his first acts after shuffling into the Oval Office were to spitefully revoke an array of Trump policies and executive orders, with no regard to their effects on his country’s well-being.

Great plan, Joe.

So now we have hordes of illegal invaders breaching the border in search of Biden freebies, while gasoline prices have risen to levels last seen when Biden was vice-president. And it seems that only a mild winter can save the country from a historic natural gas squeeze.

Meanwhile, Americans are being conditioned for shortages of everything from food to semiconductors, while ships, trucks, and even the mail have become unreliable. This sudden distortion of markets and supply chains was not natural; it was caused by the government restrictions introduced under cover of the Wuhan virus, and it is made worse by the left-green mandates seen everywhere in the Reign of Greta.

But wait! There’s more! Candidate Biden portrayed COVID as Trump’s Black Plague, lamenting its victims with his utmost insincerity.  Biden’s secret COVID plan once in power? More of the same failed antics: Mask worship and lockdowns, and mandated submission to the experimental vaccine.

Now, forcing unvaccinated people out of their jobs, especially in fields facing labor and supply gaps, may seem both cruel and stupid. And maybe kicking them when they’re down by, say, depriving them of benefits or denying servicemen honorable discharges, might appear downright twisted. But not to Biden. In a “town hall” event, The Great Unifier quipped that 130-million unvaccinated citizens are claiming a right to “kill you.” Has dementia brought out Creepy Joe’s inner sociopath?

Other famous sociopaths include Russia’s Vladimir Lenin, whose Bolshevik regime also began with an assault on workers, gunning them down in the streets of St. Petersburg. Bolshevik soldiers secretly took former Czar Nicholas II and his wife, five children, and four servants and shot and bayoneted them to death, their bodies chopped up, soaked with acid, burned, and buried. A Bolshevik hate campaign against landowners and the “wealthy” then led to the murder of thousands and the starvation of millions. With farmland collectivized and much of the thinking population killed or in brutal work camps, Soviet citizens were underfed, undersupplied, and easy to control. For all but privileged communist party members, the Soviet Union between 1918 and the 1950s was a living hell. Or, as the New York Times reported it: an evolving workers’ paradise.

A compliant if unimaginative military and police force can also come in handy for aspiring dictators. So they reshape those institutions in their own image, rather than face a repository of loyal patriots hesitant to break a few eggs to make the socialist omelet.

Like Biden, Josef Stalin purged his military of competent officers, for fear their thoughts were not sufficiently progressive. Stalin’s new politically correct Soviet Army was then thoroughly spanked by a much smaller, more creative force after invading Finland in 1939. One can almost visualize a Soviet version of General Mark Milley licking Stalin’s boots, even while his troops were getting slaughtered in the snow.

“Build Back Better”? That is merely Biden’s awkward plagiarizing of the globalist Great Reset, which itself smells a lot like a blend of China’s Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution.

Fabricate a crisis. Create shortages, inflation, and monetary chaos. Destabilize the heartland with alien cultures. Crush the middle class. Erase and invalidate history. Divide and demonize. Purge the police and military of patriots. Transfer wealth from the people to the Party and its useful idiots.

Biden doesn’t want to Build Back Better.

He wants to Build Back Bolshevik.

Image: Public Domain

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