Border: Besides Cubans, Biden finds another group he doesn't want entering the U.S.: Venezuelans

Under Joe Biden's wall-free open-borders policy, pretty much any unvetted person from any country on earth can enter the U.S. illegally and get papers to work for years here so long as they employ the loophole of "claiming asylum." Merits are irrelevant. All they have to do is say the magic words, and it's 'open, sesame.'

Nevertheless, Joe has exceptions: Those would be people from socialist hellholes who may have actual legitimate grounds for claiming asylum. Something is starting to look a little funny with this picture.

Biden has ordered Cubans fleeing totalitarian communism coming in from the high seas to be forced back.

Now, according to Fox News, we learn this:

The Biden administration has reportedly lobbied Mexico to impose restrictions on Venezuelan migrants, amid an increase in those fleeing the brutal Maduro regime coming to the U.S. border in recent months.

Reuters reports that Mexico is now considering tougher entry requirements for Venezuelans, including potentially reviewing records to show that migrants are economically solvent and in employment, and have a return plane ticket.

A Mexican source told the outlet that Washington had lobbied Mexico to slow arrivals from Venezuela, but that Mexico also wanted to make sure migrants were not entering for false reasons.

Fox, citing a Customs and Border Protection source, reports that 47,792 Venezuelans have entered the U.S. illegally in the past fiscal year, up from just over 1,000 in the previous year.

That's a surge that tells you a lot about Biden's open-borders policy, of course, but it also tells a lot about what's going on in Venezuela. From South America, only Brazil, which at 218 million has a population more than seven times as big as Venezuela's 28 million, sports comparable numbers at 46,280 for the first 11 months of fiscal 2021 (the full year is likely higher).

Which brings the Biden administration's efforts at border enforcement to about two countries -- Cuba, and Venezuela. Everyone else gets in free. That would include the well-heeled migrants from places like Brazil and even Haiti (read this), all of whom have spare tens of thousands of dollars to pay human smugglers, and it would include groups from far-flung places such as Congo, India, China, and beyond. It also includes migrants who openly tell reporters they were coming in search of better opportunities, such as previously resettled migrants in places such as Chile who are now country-shopping, and migrants from NGO-certified, established, democracies such as El Salvador and Guatemala and Honduras where citizens are fully empowered to can vote to change their governments if they don't like them. All those guys get in.

But Cubans? And now Venezuelans? The people who have absolutely no freedom, no power, no human rights, no money, and no other options than flight? Back you go. 

Migration has been a thing for Venezuelans for the past 20 years but has sharply accelerated in the past five. As happens in the case of normal refugees, those fleeing Venezuela have gone to neighboring countries with a common or similar language, a broadly common culture, and comparable economic position so as to fit in easily and be positioned to return when the hellhole collapses as expected. Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Panama, Argentina, and Spain have all taken in huge numbers of these fleeing Venezuelans, particularly Colombia. 

According to World Population Review, Venezuela has a population that has actually declined for the past five years as millions of Venezuelans have fled. The socialist hellhole so admired by Bernie Sanders and other Biden allies has lost about 7% of its population to migrant flight based on this conservative estimate. (I have seen higher estimates elsewhere). Venezuela can be less than 1,000 miles away from the U.S. by tanker travel at sea, but on foot, is about 3,750 miles from the Yuma, Arizona border which is the entry point from which many Venezuelan migrants are now coming in.

The bottom line here is that as refugees go, many of these Venezuelans are legitimate, and many of the countries they could go to or have gone to have been sufficient for them, except that Joe Biden held out a better package deal.

As asylum cases go, many are legitimate, too. The socialist hellhole regime hunts down, jails, tortures, "disappears," extorts, robs, and kills opponents of the regime. According to the United Nations, it runs death squads and is a death-squad regime. Here's some additional hypocrisy up close from its vile rulers. Many Venezuelan claimants at the U.S. border are legitimate asylees, too, having actually challenged the regime.

The matter is complicated, of course, in that many of the criminals and Chavista thugs have fled alongside the bona fide refugees, which is why all of the refugees have grown unpopular in these previous host countries. The bad apples spoil the barrel. That presents the problem of vetting in a nutshell.

All the same, many do have cases, either as refugees or asylees and U.S. laws should be there for them. They shouldn't be lumped in with rich country-shoppers from other countries.

Yet here we have Joe Biden rousing his senile self to deny these people, for whom asylum and refugee laws were actually written, the relief that they deserve.

What does that say about his open-borders policy? It says that his open borders policy is open to all migrants except for those fleeing socialist hellhole regimes. And what does that tell us? It tells us that Biden & Co. are opening the borders in order to import future Democrat voters.

Refugees from communist hellholes in very large numbers tend to vote for Republicans once they become citizens. Cubans and Venezuelans fleeing socialism, who are often the most productive and industrious people in their previous countries, have a lot of those such voters. Migrants from shambling democracies who've come for the bennies tend to vote Democrat, given that Democrats offer the biggest goody packages to them -- free health care, free education, free housing, free food vouchers, free infant care, free lawyers, free cash through the tax system, plus affirmative action privileges throughout society. For such migrants, voting Democrat is second nature, it's like selling votes for a bag of beans, which actually happens in some of these places, and Democrats know it.

Why Venezuelans and Cubans are being targeted for enforcement, while clearly economic and welfare-class migrants are not is well worth a further look. Why are these two groups being targeted for enforcement? Why is everyone else being let in scot-free? It all reeks of Democrat politics, and it ought to be investigated once Republicans take over the House in 2022. They might not get another chance otherwise.

Image: Screen shot from Fox News video, via YouTube

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