Bill-signing incident shows that 'Creepy Joe' is more than just a mean tweet

With so many other crises and failures emanating from the Joe Biden White House, here's something just a little creepy and disgusting from Joe that didn't get the attention it deserved:

"Meet me after this, I can show you around the White House," he told the first grader with a sort of swinger's wink. The child appeared quite uncomfortable about the offer, even from behind his mask. After all, it's pick-up bar language, not a proper conversational statement to a child, which might be: Would you like to see the White House? If your mother allows it, I can show you if you want.'

Six year-olds, after all, don't exactly have the autonomy to go "meet" anyone one on one outside their homes, they are children, and as such, they go places with their parents. When this sort of thing occurs, a child is in danger, being lured away by some kind of pervert. The kid clearly knows this, children these days are trained in these kind of 'let me show you something' scenarios, and the boy's expressions seem to convey that. It had to be disorienting for the kid to hear this kind of bad-man language he's been taught to be wary of coming from the president of the United States.

How does one explain this kind of disgusting behavior from Joe? He's been called out repeatedly for it in the past -- handsiness, grabbiness, paws on unwilling women and kids, and if he had any sense, he'd stop it even with his record of doing this stuff in the past. President Trump, who engaged in some boorish and uncouth behavior around women in his pre-presidential days, never brought his past persona into the White House, not ever. In person, Trump was always a perfect gentleman.

But Joe? He's still the same pig he always was, the man about town who tooled around with Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd with all their 'waitress sandwiches,' as well as the guy who's been credibly accused by a Bernie Sanders supporter, Tara Reade, of sexual assault. The video clips of him handsing unwilling women and kids, and making inappropriate statements are numerous on Twitter. The record of his swingerly love life, what he must have taught his kids such as Hunter about manhood, and come to think of it, the contents of the purported Ashley Biden diary, are telling, too There's also the fact that he's always naked in various anecdotes from dog shower encounters to Secret Service-surveilled swimming pools. Put together, it all suggests something pretty creepy. 

Biden does what he does because he always gets away with it. Trump got gentlemanly because he understood his presidential legacy was on the line. Joe, who was never legitimately elected, feels no such compunctions, because impunity is all he's ever encountered. He never sees consequences for his bad acts and that may be why he keeps doing them. Throw in a dose of senility (which forces a senile person into familiar patterns and words) and the creepery can be expected to continue.

But it doesn't make it normal. It just shows that 'Creepy Joe' is more than just an epithet from his opponents.

Image: Twitter screen shot

Hat tip: GatewayPundit

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