Biden's cobra presidency

Have you noticed how Joe Biden says he wants to lower gas prices, so he cancels the Keystone pipeline?

He wants to lower unemployment, so he pays people not to work?

He wants to beat inflation, so the Fed prints more money?

Biden is President Perverse.

The Cobra Effect is economics slang for "perverse incentives."  If you give your kid money every time the kid misbehaves, that's a perverse incentive.  Every parent knows that mandates are perverse.  You don't give your teenager money to buy cocaine.  (Or maybe Joe does.)

Conservatives wonder if Joe's brain is beyond its sell-by date, but that isn't quite right.

The resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave isn't just failing; he does the opposite of a competent president.  He's perverse.

Most of us are beginning to get that.

The Afghan withdrawal was a classic lesson in how not to conduct a competent military withdrawal.  This is perverse.  You tell Americans you support the military, and you make the military look like bumbling fools.

It's like the fat hippie admiral the left just created.  Look at the photo, and you see perversity, the opposite of honor.

Public domain image (source).

This is like Obama's apology tour.  Do you want the world to respect the United States?  Go around the world bowing down to the president of China and the Saudi king and pretend you don't hear the laughter.

The left of the left seems to like these perverse jokes.

The only trouble is that the U.S. president is supposed to be on our side.

You have to give them credit for a sense of humor, I suppose.

Jimmy Carter handed Iran to the mass-murdering mullahs, but I don't think he was laughing out loud.

The Cobra Effect is a sort of an economics joke based on the story that New Delhi had too many cobras at one time, so the city paid a bounty for dead cobras.  Then smart Indian people started to raise more cobras to get the bounty, the opposite of the intended outcome.

Economists use that story to explain economic stupidity.

But Joe Biden has topped stupid and is now the most deliberately perverse POTUS in history.

It's the only explanation I can think of.

Do you want to stop racism?  Teach people how to hate white folks.  Are you laughing yet, America?

These are angry, bitter, hateful people with more than a little sadistic glee in their makeup.

You say you love America, and you do your worst?

This is the twisted face of hatred.

It's Joe Biden's Cobra presidency.

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