Biden rages that illegal aliens 'deserve compensation'

Following a series of contradictory statements around $450,000 taxpayer payoffs to illegals separated at the border, Joe Biden came out in a finger-pointing rage to let a reporter know that these lawbreakers "deserve compensation." 

According to the RealClearPolitics transcription:

"Let's get it straight. You said everybody coming across the border gets $450,000. The number I was referring to."

"Now here’s the thing," Biden said. "If, in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you were coming across the border, whether it was legal or illegal, and you lost your child. You lost your child, [your child] is gone, you deserve some kind of compensation! No matter what the circumstances."

"What that will be? I have no idea."

This not only contradicts his previous claim that $450,000 payouts to illegal aliens are "garbage" reports, but it's also patent nonsense.

"The last administration" which Biden refers to, and it has a name, was following U.S. law as it's currently written, not engaging in "outrageous behavior." Before the Trump administration halted the practice of separating adults caught breaking into the country with children, the Trump administration had been following the law of the Flores Settlement. That's the 1997 law which states that minors caught breaking into the U.S. can only be held for three days in detention under ordinary circumstances, but lawbreaking adults can be held longer. That law necessitates breaking up supposed family units given the prescribed detention periods, and it was hardly any invention of Trump's. It also was done during the Obama administration, and likely others before it.

What's more, Biden's claimed outrage over family separation in this latest raging episode, brims with hypocrisy. Number one, we don't see him trying to change the law. More important, the Bidenites don't care about family separation. They've broken up families in a different way from the Flores Settlement legal provisions, arbitrarily releasing illegally present unaccompanied kids into the interior of the country but not adults, prompting some parents to pay cartel human smuggling rackets to fling unaccompanied kids over the border wall without their families or use other means to shove them into the foreign U.S. country all alone, a shocking thing, really, given that the kids are being thrown in as a wedge to get their parents in. That's a family breakup no matter what the Bidenites call it -- and it was done to tens of thousands of kids, not the purported 5,000 that the Bidenites are pinning on Trump.

What this is about is Biden slimily attempting to craft a moral victory against President Trump. 

As in: Lookee, here, we had to make $450,000 compensatory payouts to illegals over Trump's 'outrageous behavior.' You taxpayers should be outraged at Trump, so Biden's trying to say.

That's a phony "narrative." Fact is, the Bidenites want to make these $450,000 payouts, making millionaires of some 5,000 subliterate illegal crossers who tried to game the system with kids ahead of those legally waiting to get in. The claim that lawsuits are prompting the Bidenites to settle quickly is utter nonsense. U.S. law should stand up in U.S. courts and if it does not, appeals should delay it for decades. What's more, U.S. congressional representatives have proposed a law -- the Illegal Immigration Payoff Prohibition Act to prevent federal payouts to illegals. Pass that and it's not an issue.

Quickie six-figure payouts send a message to illegals that Uncle Sam is an easy mark, a soft touch, and pretty well inviting them to come on over illegally and try their luck.  

But wait, there's more:

Biden himself, now that he's no longer denying the payouts, now claims that illegals deserve compensation because the government separated them, same as it separates citizens from kids when the former do something to get incarcerated. 'Lost your kids' he rages, as if the Border Patrol can neatly verify that these adults were even related to the kids. Many were not, the adults they were with were either smugglers themselves claiming a relationship to the kids, which could not be verified, or illegals entering with kids not their own as a means of getting themselves admitted to the U.S. under catch-and-release. That's why many have not been returned to "parents." Separated, there was no way to reunite them with their actual parents because their parents weren't there. Some may have been abandoned or even sold by their parents as entrance-to-the-U.S. tickets. There may be smugglers now who are seeking $450,000 payouts from Uncle Sam. To claim that Trump's malice is behind this is simply outrageous. 

Worst of all is Biden's priorities on this matter. In his raging and senile desire to attack "the previous administration" (which won the 2020 election that he didn't), he firmly believes in making illegal lawbreakers into millionaires at taxpayer expense, yet has totally exonerated himself from all cases where he's to blame -- such as in the case of the seven children who were wantonly murdered by a drone strike in symbolic and phony retaliation for a terrorist attack on U.S. forces during Biden's chaotic evacuation in Afghanistan. That's on him. All we've heard from the Bidenites is that nobody did anything wrong and nobody's getting punished, and the family involved can forget about compensation

Others who might deserve compensation just a little earlier than foreign lawbreakers are Americans under vaccine mandates who sustain vaccine injuries. Any compensation for them? Nope, the vaccine-makers with their political donations to Democrats are the only ones with immunity from payouts. 

Those are just a couple of random examples, yet Biden is firm in wanting illegals to get the gargantuan payouts for all that pain and stress of 'separation,' as if that doesn't happen any time a parent with a kid gets himself jailed. Do those kids get $450,000 federal payouts for separation anxiety, too? Biden has certainly opened the gate to it.

It can only be part of Biden's scheme to foster open borders. Now that we've seen his back and forth on monster payouts to illegals, we can only conclude that he has little idea what goes on in his administration, he's been set to rights by his 'handlers' and the big priority of his administration is how to encourage the most illegal immigration.

Image: Screen shot from Daily Mail video posted on shareable YouTube.

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