Are Republicans trying to demoralize their voters?

Victor Davis Hanson is as articulate a defender of the American spirit of liberty as we have, but I have to take issue with the way he ended his October 29 article at The Federalist.   After asking a long series of questions along the lines of how did we get in the fix we're in, with unelected partisans like Gen. Milley, Dr. Fauci, former CIA director John Brennan, former FBI director James Comey going beyond their authority “to warp the very political process of the nation”; with "a small number of extremists hijack[ing] our culture," farmer/classicist Hanson predicted that "the intolerant Woke" movement will face its reckoning. 

As noted, the article appeared October 29, and on November 2, Woke-ism and Biden seemed to have begun to face their reckoning, indeed.  That is, until the Republicans put a stop to that, providing the votes to pass Biden's lots-of-goodies-for-the-left Infrastructure bill, November 5, a bill that will likely cost 2 trillion dollars.  

Thirteen House Republicans voted in favor of this giveaway to the left measure, to be paid for on the backs of middle-class voters, the GOP base.  That's right, thirteen House Republicans acted to impose onerous taxes on those suburban families that supposedly deserted the Republican Party in 2020.

YouTube screengrab (cropped)

What did President Trump ever do to make life harder for the middle class?  Indeed, for all Americans.  Not a damn measure.  That's what.  And did suburbia show gratitude?  No way.

Still, on November 2, Republican voters in Virginia elected Glenn Youngkin governor over the execrable Terry McAuliffe, and three days later House Republicans de-reckoned Biden and the radical left by giving Biden the excuse to claim victory with the passage of the huge infrastructure bill.  This suggests that were Speaker Pelosi to put before the House a bill to outlaw the Republican Party as racist, neo-Nazi, Islamophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, the measure would pass with the votes of fourteen House GOPers (the 13 for giveaways called "Infrastructure" plus Liz Cheney, and seven Republican senators.

There can be no day of reckoning for the leftist totalitarians if congressional Republicans undo the efforts of the voters to protect the American spirit of freedom.  The GOP (Grand Old Party) must become the GOPAT (Grand Old Phalanx Against Tyranny) if there is to be a successful reckoning to the partisans warping our politics and the extremists hijacking our culture as Victor Davis Hanson put it.  

What profiteth us deplorables if we elect Republicans who, on taking office, bend before the winds of the woke?  If we continue to elect to Congress Republicans who, unlike Donald J. Trump, are lacking a backbone, then the words of the malevolent Fiona Hill are indeed appropriate: "democracy is done."  A Republican elected to political office is not worth a damn if he or she does not realize that every leftist attack on Republicans informs the leftist mindset.  It would seem, thus far, that Republicans are intimidated by being called threats to democracy by the left, boomed out by the media.  Before any candidate receives the imprimatur from local, state, or federal Republican organizations, the candidate should be asked to answer this one question:

Which major political party, today, if any, represents a threat to the American spirit of freedom? If the candidate does not immediately reply, "why the Democrat party, of course," the nomination must go to another candidate, one with clear eyes, a mind that will not be deceived, and a strong backbone.  Only then can the needed day of reckoning, envisioned by Victor Davis Hanson, occur.

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