Anybody remember that Fiona Hill had Joe Biden's blurb on her big book about Putin?

The Durham special counsel's bust of Brookings Institute research analyst Igor Danchenko for lying to the FBI five times about how he helped create the Steele dossier is bound to take bigger fish down, given that the investigation is hardly over. 

Might that get as far as Joe Biden? Even as much of the attention is being focused on the Hillary Clinton camp as the source of the anti-Trump shenanigans, a case is emerging that Biden is a figure emerging in the scheme. Based on an intriguing book blurb dating from a 2013 anti-Putin book by top Trump impeachment accuser Fiona Hill and her co-author linked to the Democrats, Clifford Gaddy, it seems possible.

Hill is a former researcher for the Eurasia Foundation which is bankrolled by George Soros and had been pals with Steele dossier creator Christopher Steele, calling him merely her U.K. intelligence counterpart in House testimony during her previous work for the Bush and Obama administrations. Reports suggest they were a lot closer than that. 

Turns out that the Steele connection was far from her only one in her deep-state plots against President Trump. She's also the person the now-indicted Danchenko has called his "mentor."

Based on the Durham indictment, it was likely Hill who introduced Danchenko to one Charles Dolan, the Democrat public relations operative who worked to assemble the Steele dossier and who was named as PR Executive 1 in the Durham indictment. See TechnoFog's analysis here and definitely check out Andrea Widburg's excellent readable summary here.

In House intelligence committee testimony, Hill stated that she thought perhaps the dossier was trash, which it was, and Steele may have been "played." What tells us now is not that she had a good skeptical mind about Russian tricks, but that she likely knew the dossier was cooked up because she knew the cooks. 

Danchenko, a native of Perm, Russia, reportedly with a history of alcoholism and run-ins with the law, as well as a man who had been suspected by the FBI back in 2009 of being an actual Russian spy or spy wannabe, is -- surprise, surprise -- closely tied to Hill, who was also one of President Trump's top impeachment accusers.

She, along with Democrat-linked Clifford Gaddy, wrote a glowingly reviewed 2012 book called "Mr. Putin," which paints a very black portrait of Vladimir Putin.

Hill and Gaddy thanked Danchenko in the book's credits for all the help and insights he supposedly provided. And more important, Joe Biden, who's not exactly anyone's idea of a "scholar," served as the glowing book blurb to Hill's and Gaddy's 2012 book, based on an interview by Rolling Stone, which is not exactly a redoubt of Kremlinology fans. The blurb reads:

Q: Do you have time to read books? If so, which ones would you recommend?

" goodness, let's see. There's Mr. Putin, by Fiona Hill and Clifford Gaddy. Insightful."

-Vice President Joe Biden, in Joe Biden: The Rolling Stone Interview.

I wrote about that here.

Of all the characters who could have been named to write the book blurbs, why was a clown like Joe Biden the one who was chosen for the blurb to sell the scholarly book? How would he have even known about the book, really? Does anyone, anyone at all, seriously believe that Biden reads books, let alone as heavy a tome as Hill's and Gaddy's long, detailed scholarly Putin book?

Color me skeptical. 

It sounds like maybe there was a relation that went way back between Hill and the Biden camp and in citing Joe, she was citing an old political ally.

Hill's role here really needs more scrutiny than it's been getting. She first came to light as one of President Trump's top accusers during his first impeachment trial, delivering testimony to the Adam Schiff-led House intelligence committee about how President Trump supposedly pressured the president of Ukraine over Joe Biden's corrupt dealings there. 

Biden again, the guy that Hill and Gaddy used to blurb their book.

She not only testified herself, studiously calling herself apolitical and full of probity as an NSC official in the Trump administration, she also served as boss to one Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman, who handed information to the supposed CIA "whistleblower" believed to be Eric Ciaramella, to get the impeachment scheme rolling.

So now we have two scandals she's neck-deep in, the creation of the phony and utterly fictional Steele dossier targeting President Trump, and then the impeachment of Trump on the first go-round when the dossier was exposed as garbage. She's pals with Danchenko, she's been fingered as the one who introduced Danchenko to Democrat PR operative Charles Dolan, and she's all in with Vindman and his shenanigans, whose activities she could have directed.

Here's a photo of Dolan with Biden himself:

Here's an item from January 2021 that contradicts Hill's congressional testimony that she was supposedly suspicious of the dossier's contents and thought someone was being "played":

The FBI wrote, “Steele said Fiona Hill knows that the primary subsource," identified as U.S.-based and Russian-trained lawyer Igor Danchenko, "was involved in the dossier,” and “when the primary subsource went to ground in January and February 2017, Steele contacted Hill and told Hill that he was worried about the primary subsource.” The bureau added, “Steele said that she probably guesses that the primary subsource was involved."

Maybe that's because she knew the dossier's contents and how the sausage was made. It now comes to light that she introduced her protege Danchenko (the primary subsource) to the Democrat PR operative cited in the indictment who's reportedly Charles Dolan. He was heavily involved in the creation of the Steele dossier, and according to some reports, thanked for his help in her book, although in my paperback edition, I don't see him. And cripes, she was pals with Steele, too.

Some of the activity involved between Danchenko and his Russian drinking buddies in cooking up the phony Steele dossier (since none of these people had much in the way of any Russian contacts except for him). We also know that another Ukrainian-named Democrat operative, Alexandra Chalupa (amazing how many Ukrainian-origin names are turning up in this phony bid to screw Trump as a Russian stooge, both in the dossier and the impeachment: Vindman, Danchenko, and Chalupa) is the person whose original tale of Trump supposedly participating in a Russian "orgy" led to the invention of the "pee tape" part of the dossier, which tells us a lot about what goes on in both her mind and Steele's mind. As Marc Scaringi argues in a PennLive column, yeah, Ukraine did meddle in the U.S. election contrary to Hill's claims.

The idea that Hill was at the White House at all in the Trump administration is nothing short of queasy-making.

How the heck did she get in there? Reportedly, it was former NSC advisor H.R. McMaster who brought her in. Note that she now refuses to display her work with the NSC during the Trump era on her LinkedIn page. In a sense, maybe that's because she wasn't working for the NSC at all. She got her start as a researcher for the Soros-backed Eurasia Foundation before moving on to the Democrat-linked Brookings Institution and she acts as though she remains a Sorosian to the core. But more to the point, why was a clown like Joe Biden selected to serve as the blurb to her scholarly book on Putin which drew all manner of praise from the elites? She didn't need his word to sell the book to the kind of people who would actually read it.

But somehow, that link remains. I find that intriguing. What kinds of contacts did Hill have in the Biden camp, what did she know about Biden's Ukraine corruption linked to his son Hunter's doings as well as his own role as Mr. Anti-Ukraine corruption during the Obama years, and why did Biden's odd statement to Rolling Stone of all places somehow turn up on the back of Hill's and Gaddy's book? Like everything else Hill's been involved in, it sounds like maybe things were planned.

Ric Grenell, who would actually know what went on in the Trump administration, pointed to Hill's history as a schemer and liar, which he saw up close firsthand. His tweet says it all:

What a damning indictment all by itself. Let's hope the Durham investigation gets to the bottom of this farce and takes his probe all the way to where it leads. The end of that road may be corrupt Joe Biden himself.

Image: Monica Showalter

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