An Edgar Allan Poe horror story resonates in a time of COVID and vaccines

In 1842, Edgar Allan Poe wrote a horror story entitled "The Masque of the Red Death."  It turns out to be a powerful metaphor for what the Democrat party is doing with COVID and the vaccines in America in 2021.

In the story, a mysterious plague that causes people to bleed to death is abroad in the land.  Prince Prospero takes over a walled and gated abbey and fills it with his rich friends so they can avoid the Red Death that is bringing so much misery to the land.  Safe behind the abbey's walls, Prospero organizes a lavish masked costume ball that will be held in seven different rooms, each decorated in a different color.

Our modern Democrat rulers, who feel so superior to us, are having their own lavish parties, whether in Martha's Vineyard, in expensive restaurants such as the French Laundry, or at a Getty heiress's wedding, while the hoi polloi couldn't even attend a funeral or say goodbye to loved ones.  Now we need permission to work or shop.  And in 2021, the masks are for you to wear, not the elites.

In Poe's story, the seventh room is different from the rest.  The walls are black, but the stained glass windows are red.  The combination sheds a garish light upon the guests, making them grotesque in appearance.

The partiers in the black room become inexplicably uneasy whenever the ebony clock rings in the hour, so the dancing stops and the band stops playing.  When the bells stop, the guests start to feel foolish and vow not to be alarmed when the clock strikes again, and yet they grow uneasy with each hour's bells.

In 2021 America, instead of a clock, we have the diminutive Dr. Fauci sounding the alarm in perfect harmony with the MSM constantly reminding us about the latest COVID statistics and offering dire predictions.  When these predictions don't come to pass, we are temporarily relieved until the next hour's alarms, news, and predictions make us apprehensive all over again.

At last, it's midnight in the black room.  The clock strikes twelve.  The guests stand still, and the band stops playing as all nervously wait for the clock to finish its twelve strokes.  But this time, with the last chime, things do not return to normal.  Instead, a figure wearing a mask and a dark, blood-spattered robe that looks like a funeral shroud appears, seemingly mocking Prospero and his guests.

Enraged, Prospero confronts this uninvited guest who dared mock him and his gathering of elites.  When Prospero, who has chased the guest with a dagger, finally reaches him and tries to unmask him, Prospero instead cries out and falls dead, with all the signs of the plague upon his face and body.  The terrified crowd somehow finds the courage in numbers to attack this assassin before he can flee.

However, when the guests strip the figure of its mask and robe, they find nothing underneath.  Almost instantaneously, they contract the Red Death and die en masse.  The plague had taken its revenge against Prospero and the elites who thought they were superior to everyone else and could defeat death itself.  The story concludes with the line "And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all."

Our elites also believe that they can have dominion over COVID (or us?) through the vaccine.  Unlike Prospero and his guests, they are forcing all of us to dance at that ball, whether we want to or not.  And as noted, we must wear those masks.  Instead of Prospero's willing guests, we have been made his unwilling guests — all for a virus with a 99.7% survival rate.  And as COVID recedes, it begins to look as if the vaccine itself has become the new Red Death.

Just as the revelers discovered that they were wrong about what lurked behind the costume of the Red Death, many Americans believe we are not seeing what's really behind the rush for vaccinations.  That is, what is the invisible agenda?  Perhaps we'll all find the answer to that after the clock strikes midnight.

Image: The Masque of the Red Death by Harry Clarke.  Public domain.

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