A journalist reports that it’s 'risky' for Sen. Sinema to attend a funeral

Grant Woods was a moderate “Republican” who served as Arizona’s Attorney General in the 1990s, as well as serving as John McCain’s chief of staff when McCain was a senator. (I put “Republican” in quotation marks because he endorsed both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden for president.) Woods passed away unexpectedly on October 23 from a massive heart attack. His funeral was held on Friday and Arizona’s Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was one of the attendees. What’s newsworthy is that an Arizona journalist reported that someone called Sinema’s attendance “risky.” That speaks volumes about today’s Democrats.

Mary Jo Pitzl is a reporter for the Arizona Republic and she was assigned to report on Woods’s funeral. In her article, she mentions only that Senators Sinema and Mark Kelly, who are both Democrats, attended the funeral. However, in a companion tweet, Pitzl remarked upon something an observer said about Sinema’s attendance: “one observer noted it’s pretty risk to drop into a crowd of Democrats at a time like this.”

There is no way to spin that into saying anything good about Democrats.

Sinema, along with Joe Manchin, has been balking at destroying the U.S. economy and putting the government into hyperdrive via Biden’s bloated “Build Back Better” plan. (Rep. Carlos Gimenez, R.-Fla. Spoke on Fox News Live about the risks to the American economy from the plan.) Because Sinema, who represents a kind of purplish state, has refused to get on board with the madness, which includes amnesty for illegal aliens, activists have taken to following her around. They’ve hunted her down in bathrooms, crowded her at airports and on airplanes, and ruined a young woman’s wedding at which Sinema was officiating.

Image: Grant Woods’s funeral (edited in befunky). YouTube screen grab.

It’s possible that the person making that observation about it being “risky” for Sinema to attend a funeral might have been worried that activists would interrupt the funeral, just as they destroyed that young woman’s wedding. That means that the Democrat protesters are no better than the vile parishioners of Westboro Baptist Church who, to make known their disdain for the left’s LGBTQ agenda, protested loudly at the funerals of soldiers killed in the wars of the past two decades.

Alternatively, the person observing that Sinema’s presence was risky might have thought that the official attendees at Woods’s funeral had so little self-control that they would use the occasion of the funeral to attack Sinema’s political position. And lest you think that observation was a ridiculous exaggeration, you’ve forgotten Paul Wellstone’s infamous funeral.

When Wellstone died in a plane crash in 2002, Democrats from across America converged on his funeral. They then ignored the solemnity of the occasion and, for the benefit of the camera, engaged in a full-throated, anti-Republican rally. Voters were unimpressed. Many speculated that this intemperate display at a time and place that called for respectful conduct may have been why there was a red wave in an off-year election. John McCain’s funeral also became an occasion for anti-Trump conduct.

Either way you look at it, the Tweet’s message is that Democrats have no boundaries and no decency. Truly, for them, the personal is political and the political is personal. Every occasion, no matter how far it should be removed from politicking, becomes an opportunity to make a statement about their political demands and their hatred for anyone who crosses them.

As it happened, the Woods funeral went off without incident, with Woods remembered fondly and with respect by those who attended. As for Sinema herself, in response to the tweet observing that her mere presence was a problem, she tweeted simply and with class that “It’s never risky to say goodbye to a friend.”

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