A ‘Cruz missile' drops on Anthony Fauci

For almost two years, Anthony Fauci has been reveling in his fame.  Starting with his role as COVID spokesman for the Trump administration, the media have fawned on him, something that escalated when it became clear that Fauci was working with them to end the Trump presidency.  Through all Fauci's lies and prevarications, the media have been there for him.  No wonder, then, that Fauci announced on Sunday that he's the living embodiment of science and sneered when asked about Sen. Ted Cruz's insistence that the DOJ prosecute him for his lies about funding "gain of function" research in China.

Foolish man!  Ted Cruz brought a "Cruz missile" of cold, hard facts to the debate.

I'm reading Robert F. Kennedy's The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.  I'm not generally a Kennedy fan, for I've long considered him a bit of a fruit loop, as well as being way too partisan a Democrat (not surprising, given his lineage).  However, I'm familiar with many of the facts he raises in his book — facts the media have carefully obscured — so I can honestly say that, so far, the book is a scathing indictment of a career bureaucrat who has badly bungled America's COVID response, leading to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths, not only from COVID, but also from lockdowns that left other, fatal diseases untreated, while drastically increasing drug overdoses and suicides.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation about Fauci, though, is learning that American taxpayers may have unwittingly funded the engine of their destruction.  Fauci, while testifying under oath before the Senate, vehemently denied that he'd used any taxpayer money to help fund "gain of function" research in China.  Unfortunately for him, documents showed that he'd totally funded "gain of function" research in China.

One would think that being exposed as a massive liar would bring a little humility to Fauci.  However, a man who could deny responsibility for an approach to COVID that locked people up; masked them; destroyed the economy; and denied them affordable, effective treatments wasn't going to let a little thing like having his lies exposed cause him to rethink his conduct.

Image: Anthony Fauci making the chipmunk face (edited in befunky).  YouTube screen grab.

So it was that, while doing the media rounds over the weekend, Fauci announced that he is the living embodiment of the leftist God known as science.  And no, he didn't quite use those words, but he came remarkably close.  In the lead-up to that pronouncement, he attacked Sen. Cruz, implying that Cruz was part of the January 6 protest that Democrats, in the face of all contrary evidence, still refer to as an "insurrection."  (And do note the little chipmunk face Fauci pulls after attacking Cruz.)  The arrogance you'll see in this two-and-a-half-minute long video is extraordinary:

Ted Cruz was unimpressed with the sneering, posturing, and hubris.  Instead, he blew up that smug little dictator with facts:

John Adams rightly said that "facts are stubborn things" — and these stubborn facts are going to catch up with Fauci.  Increasing numbers of Americans are getting red-pilled as they realize that Democrat governance, contrary to Democrat promises, is a highway to Hell — and Anthony Fauci is one of the people driving the buses along that deadly road.

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