A cartoon (not The Simpsons for once) predicts liberal meltdown over 'Lets go, Brandon'

Even as a full-grown adult with adult children, I still like cartoons.  As I was raising my two sons, I made it a point to usually keep only one TV in the house.  If video games were being played, or cartoons being watched, it was always a family affair — and intentionally designed as such.  The idea was to compel negotiation, compromise, and good behavior all around.  Any fighting over what to watch or play immediately resulted in no one watching or playing anything.  Kids like to play and watch, so they naturally figured out how mostly not to fight about these things.

My two all-time favorite cartoons are Avatar: The Last Airbender and Recess.  Although Avatar has much wisdom to impart to those who watch with mature minds, Disney's Recess is where the most hysterical and profound understanding of "Let's go, Brandon" can be found. 

In the Recess episode below, T.J. — the show's main character — has the whole world brought down on his head for inventing a new word for use by kids wishing to avoid detention for swearing at school.  The parallels with the current "Let's go, Brandon" situation are as stark and comical as can be.

It's not often a grown man, a U.S. Marine, no less, implores other adults to watch a cartoon made for children — but that's exactly what's happening here.  "Let's go, Brandon" is already the funniest thing ever to those who get the joke, but an entirely different level of appreciation is available for the mere cost of a few minutes of your time.  Given the L-G-B-T phenomenon and its inherent power, best cartoon you'll watch all year.  I guarantee it.

A couple of weeks ago, I openly predicted the amusing course L-G-B-T would follow:

These simple words form a dangerous concept, and that idea is The People have a right and a duty to resist incompetent,  failed, and imposed dictators of all sorts. Obviously, that kind of belief directly threatens the Overlords' grip on the planet. The overwhelming fear that the Nefarious feel can be seen quite clearly in the endless assaults against this family-friendly cry for freedom.

At various times throughout our history "Join, or Die" has been the call of Liberty. In 2021, "Let's Go, Brandon!" serves that very same purpose — and the bad guys know it. The attacks against this 13-letter mantra will continue to increase as its popularity does likewise. The easily predictable result being that the Ruling Class will make complete clowns out of themselves trying to suppress something so innocent at face value.

In light of the fact that a Washington Post reporter angrily tweeted, "Vulgarity stand-in from @SouthwestAir cockpit" after one of her reporters (likely erroneously) heard a Southwest pilot say, "Let's go, Brandon" over the intercom on an airplane, I'd say everything is right on schedule. 

The clown show is really just now starting to kick off — so much more hilariousness in store.  Thank you, Joey Biden and legacy media, for the already delivered laughs and the many more to come.

Let's go, Brandon!

Image: iVideoXD via YouTube.

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